1. 14 Nov, 2001 1 commit
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      Checkpoint latest version. · 55987bec
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      Minor cleanups. · b8a59ace
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      Check in search page stuff. I've incorporated the web form from the · 423e25a5
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      webglimpse dir right into search.php3. Its a simple form and I wanted
      it to look a little different. It also allows me to get rid of the
      FollowSymlinks change I made a couple of days ago. I've added a
      install section that creates a symlink to the webglimpse dir, but
      thats strictly for convenience. The install target cds into that
      directory and reruns the glimpse index (its very quick cause we do not
      have much documentation, perhaps a second. Overall, I do not like the
      webglimpse stuff, but it will do for now.
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