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    • Leigh B Stoller's avatar
      Address linktest problems reported by Mike in issue #160: · e7422d49
      Leigh B Stoller authored
      1. Changes to gentopofile to not put in linktest info for links and lan
         with only one member.
      2. Fix to the CM for deletenode of a node that has tagged links.
      3. Fixes to the status web page for deletenode; we were installing the
         linktest event handlers multiple times.
      4. Pass through -N argument to linktest from the CM, when the experiment
         has NFS mounts turned off, so that we use loghole to gather the data
         files (instead of via NFS).
      This closes issues #160.
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      Add Emulab program agent support: · 760e5d43
      Leigh B Stoller authored
          <emulab:program-agent name="prog0"
               command="/bin/ls -lt &gt;&amp; /tmp/foo"
      Much like a normal "execute" service, these are event agents instead
      of boot commands (which run on every boot of the node). When onexpstart
      is true, the command is run at event time=0 only. All program agents
      are set up to respond to tevc commands like program agents in an classic
      Emulab experiment.
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      Minor fix for dataset urn parsing. · 91a46ff6
      Leigh B Stoller authored
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      NFS mount changes, still a work in progress, bound to change: · e369c1a8
      Leigh B Stoller authored
      * The Emulab portal now adds a toplevel element (Emulab namespace)
        directing the CM to use standard emulab mounts (read: /users).
        We clear that element from the other portals.
      * The CM looks for that tag, and allows it only if the caller is the local
        SA. The default for nfsmounts setting for geni experiment containers is
        "genidefault", but that is set to "emulabdefault" when allowed.
      * tmcd changes; no using nfsmounts slot instead of nonfsmounts. "none"
        means no mounts (duh), "emulabdefault" means standard mounts we all know
        and love, "genidefault" means no /users mounts.
        In addition, when we are doing emulabdefault mounts on a geni experiment
        node, we do not return accounts that are specified in the rspec, but
        rather we return the local project accounts only.
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      When PROTOGENI_LOCALUSER is on, we have to do an additional · e92964e7
      Leigh B Stoller authored
      Image->AccessCheck() to see if the user is allowed to use the image
      via the image_permissions table.
    • Leigh B Stoller's avatar
      Change to traffic shaping via the link property statements (which turn on · 0d43247a
      Leigh B Stoller authored
      end node shaping, this change does not affect bridge shaping).
      First off, duplex links are not affected. I expect that duplex links are
      the majority usage anyway. What I did change is the way we insert the
      virt_lans table entries to be exactly like what the NS file does. This will
      not affect the delays, but it makes linktest happier (see below) when
      testing duplex links.
      For lans (more then two nodes) we were always broken. Consider what we have
       <link client_id="mylan">
         <interface_ref client_id="node1"/>
         <interface_ref client_id="node2"/>
         <interface_ref client_id="node3"/>
         <property source_id="node1" dest_id="node2"
                 capacity="50000" latency="15"/>
         <property source_id="node1" dest_id="node3"
                 capacity="50000" latency="15"/>
         <property source_id="node2" dest_id="node1"
                 capacity="50000" latency="15"/>
         <property source_id="node3" dest_id="node1"
                 capacity="50000" latency="15"/>
         <property source_id="node2" dest_id="node3"
                 capacity="50000" latency="15"/>
         <property source_id="node3" dest_id="node2"
                 capacity="50000" latency="15"/>
      This cannot actually be supported by the virtual topology in the database.
      In Emulab the virt_lans table allows you to specify for each node, the
      bw/latency/loss going "from the lan to the node" and rbw/rlatency/rloss
      "going from the node to the lan". Think of the "lan" as a fake node in the
      center of a star.
      		   bw   |  | rbw
      		delay   |  | rdelay
      		 loss   |  | rloss
      			|  |
                 N2  ------- LAN ------- N3
                     -------     -------
      So one of the lines is "from the LAN node to N1" and the other line is
      "from N1 to the LAN node". Ditto for N2 and N3.
      In other words, you cannot actually specify a different set of parameters
      from a node to each of the other nodes, as the pairwise properties above
      imply.  A translation of what we actually do is more like this:
         <property source_id="node1" dest_id="mylan"
                 capacity="50000" latency="15"/>
         <property source_id="mylan" dest_id="node1"
                 capacity="50000" latency="15"/>
         <property source_id="node2" dest_id="mylan"
                 capacity="50000" latency="15"/>
         <property source_id="mylan" dest_id="node2"
                 capacity="50000" latency="15"/>
         <property source_id="node3" dest_id="mylan"
                 capacity="50000" latency="15"/>
         <property source_id="mylan" dest_id="node3"
                 capacity="50000" latency="15"/>
      Which allows you to set the simplex parameters for each node TO/FROM THE
      LAN.  Each node can a bw/latency/loss to the LAN and a different
      bw/latency/loss from the LAN. This is supported in the classic NS file
      syntax, although this is not what a simple "make-lan" does; there is
      currently no syntax to support that in Geni; a NS file make-lan statement
      that sets the delay to 15 means that the delay is 7.5 to the LAN and 7.5
      from the LAN, so the delay between two nodes is 15. In the NS syntax, once
      you start messing with per-node shaping settings, you have to do it like
      above. So in the above example, the delay between any two nodes is 30ms.
      But the above is a little too confusing, so rather then doing simplex
      parameters I implemented duplex parameters:
         <property source_id="node1" dest_id="mylan"
                 capacity="50000" latency="15"/>
         <property source_id="node2" dest_id="mylan"
                 capacity="50000" latency="15"/>
         <property source_id="node3" dest_id="mylan"
                 capacity="50000" latency="15"/>
      If someday we think that people need simplex parameters for each node in a
      lan, we can add that.
      As for linktest ... I added the linktest agent to Geni experiments, and I
      set the sync_server default so that linktest can actually run. In another
      commit I will push up the change that export linktest from the CM
      interface, as well as portal changes to use it.
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    • Leigh B Stoller's avatar
      Two changes: · 8504ec75
      Leigh B Stoller authored
      1. Add a check in GetTicket() for requested public IPs, and bail early if not
      2. Add support for explicitly setting trivial_ok.