1. 24 Oct, 2003 6 commits
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      Add imagezip update message · c6bc9b95
      Mike Hibler authored
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      Introducing imagezip redux! · 0063d2c4
      Mike Hibler authored
      Ok, not really any fundamental changes, mostly a source reorganization,
      but some new features as well:
      1. Split off FS specific code for all FS types into subdirectories.
         imagezip.c was just getting unwieldy.  You can now (in theory, I
         haven't enabled this in any easy way) build a version of imagezip
         with only the FSes you care about.
      2. As part of the above, localize the filesystem specific headers in
         the subdirs instead of relying on the installed system headers.
         This allows easy building of, for example, BSD FS support under
      3. Hacked up the GNUmakefiles some so that imagezip with all FS support
         will build (in the Emulab context) under Linux and FreeBSD 5.1 as
         well as FreeBSD 4.x.  Still a hack, for Linux you need to first do:
      	setenv LINUX 1
      	setenv HAVE_GCC3 1
      	setenv HAVE_LOCALE 1
         and for FreeBSD 5.x:
      	setenv HAVE_GCC3 1
      	setenv HAVE_LOCALE 1
         these trigger ifdefs in some of the Makefiles to DTRT.  Imagezip
         and frisbee still need a standalone configure...
      4. Added support for UFS2 (aka FreeBSD 5.x default filesystems).
      5. Added "-S dos-type" option to imagezip.  This is the general form
         of the -b, -l, and -n options to force imagezip to treat the device
         as though it contains a filesystem of the indicated type.
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      Added -i (ignore v1 features) support to imagedump. Prevents it · ccf23ccb
      Mike Hibler authored
      from looking at the embedded (and deprecated) blockindex field in
      the headers.  Now imagedump won't complain if you run it on a
      piece of a split image.
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      Small change to make sure .forward files are owned by the user instead of... · b8d5b2ac
      Mac Newbold authored
      Small change to make sure .forward files are owned by the user instead of root. Lots of them were getting left behind as root owned files.
  2. 23 Oct, 2003 23 commits
  3. 22 Oct, 2003 7 commits
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      Remove the Content-Disposition header - this forces the browser to · 7a0eea7c
      Robert Ricci authored
      pop up a save dialog box, no matter what the user's settings for the
      mime type are.
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      Put in a few things from my notes. · 88070190
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      Oops, forgot to commit this file too · 12115a3b
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      Oops, missed this one in my last commit. · f1b8ea4c
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      Change the way the switch modules for snmpit get their configuration · c069a419
      Robert Ricci authored
      information. Rather than pass it all in, which was getting very
      cumbersome, and inconsistent between Cisco and Intel switches, the
      modules query the database themselves (via a new function in
      Also in this commit are two new options for switch stacks - the
      ability to specify minimum and maximum VLAN number to use.
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      A few improvements: · b058ef64
      Robert Ricci authored
      Fix a bug with limited trivial link bandwidth. It used to be the case
      that we penalized solutions that over-used the trivial bandwidth based
      on the number of links that were over it. Turns out this was a
      problem, if you had links of differing bandwidths, and were near the
      limit. Certain orderings were possible where you would remove two
      trivial links in a different order than you added them, which might
      result in more (or fewer) violations being scored then when you did
      them originally. The fix for this is to penalize these based on
      bandwidth, which is what assign now does.
      Added a '-g' flag, which does greedy link selection - assign normally
      does random link selection until the very end, when it does one pass
      with greedy selection. This flag makes it do this all the time. This
      is useful for debugging, because it cuts out a call to random(). Turns
      out, it doesn't seem to make assign much slower. I might consider
      making it the default.
      Better output when the selftest (-T) fails.
  4. 21 Oct, 2003 4 commits