1. 15 May, 2007 3 commits
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      Checkpoint changes that have been discussed in the last few weeks: · c4f53202
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      * Records are now "help open" when a run is stopped. When the next run
        is started, a check is made to see if the files
        (/project/$pid/exp/$eid) have changed, and if so a new version of the
        archive is committed before the next run is started.
      * Change the way swapmod is handled within an instance. A new option
        on the ShowExp page called Modify Resources. The intent is to allow
        an instance to be modified without having to start and stop runs,
        which tends to clutter things up, according to our user base. So, if
        you are within a run, that run is reset (reused) after the swapmod is
        finished. You can do this as many times as you like. If you are
        between runs (last operation was a stoprun), do the swapmod and then
        "speculatively" start a new run. Subsequent modifies reuse the that
        run again, as above.
        I think this is what Kevin was after ... there are some UI issues
        that may need to be resolved, will wait to hear what people have to
      * Revising a record is now supported. Export, change in place, and
        then use the Revise link on the ShowRun page. Currently this has to
        happen from the export directory on ops, but eventually allow an
        upload (to correspond to downloaded exports)
      * Check to see if export already exists, and give warning. Added a
        checkbox that allows user to overwrite the export.
      * A bunch of minor UI changes to the various template pages.
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      Some fixes to the sortable stuff, hoping it would fix it under IE, but · b83aae91
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      no such luck. IE sucks.
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      Waste lots of time getting the showlogfile stuff to work on IE, yet · 81f9da31
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      again. IE is stupid.
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