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      Add a Linux kernel module for ipod. · 9436dfb0
      David Johnson authored
      Rather than have to patch the kernel's network stack at build time
      to catch ipod ICMP packets in the normal processing path, make it
      a loadable module that dynamically registers a netfilter hook to
      check ICMP packets for ipod info.  This way, we don't require
      custom-built kernels anymore to get ipod support.
      The only drawback to making it a module is that we now have to
      call emergency_restart() instead of machine_restart().  For x86
      kernels, this basically means that we don't do *any* niceties on
      shutdown.  For instance, even machine_restart() shuts down lapics
      and the iommu and deals with processors.  We can't call
      machine_restart because it's not exported as a symbol that modules
      can be linked with at load time.  kernel_restart() does way too
      much stuff that could block the reboot if things are in a bad state.
      Frankly, after looking at the difference between machine_restart
      and emergency_restart for the x86, we don't care.
      To build this module, all you should have ...
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      Add servers. · c9789904
      Leigh B Stoller authored
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