1. 29 Sep, 2006 7 commits
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      · c451b779
      Kirk Webb authored
      Add the ability to specify the set of nodes you are intersted in to
      the node.getlist() function.  Do this by adding a
      "nodes=<node_id>[,<node_id>...]" argument.
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      Fix (I hope) a problem I've been having with the monitor trying to · ca63b7b3
      Robert Ricci authored
      connect to magent before it (magent) is ready. Use the option Jon
      added to magent to make it daemonize *after* it sets up ports, etc.
      The changed to auto-magaent.sh should have taken place long ago - I
      don't know why it didn't.
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      Add no_plab option to NS file allowing you to "monitor" (set initial · a7434c80
      Mike Hibler authored
      conditions) plab nodes without actually allocating them.
      Changed init-elabnodes to support this.  Elab to plab mapping is set in the
      NS file via the $opt array, which init-elabnodes extracts via the XMLRPC
      So to run the "really simple model":
       1. set "no_plab" to 1 in the NS file
       2. make sure you have enough nodes listed in "plabnodes" in the NS file
          to cover "num_pcs".
       3. swapin the experiment
       4. after swapin, run init-elabnodes.pl.
      Also, cleaned up the NS file some: got rid of hokey tcpdump setup as it
      was redundant, made tracing optional (though on by default), expect proper
      return values from program agents.
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    • Robert Ricci's avatar
      Comment out all the stuff to change stub command and command-line · 2519941f
      Robert Ricci authored
      arguments - we haven't been using them.
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      Minor changes to per-experiment DB stuff. · dc8e62a3
      Leigh B. Stoller authored
      * Create a per-experiment DB user for the per-experiment DB; the user
        name is equal to the DB name.
      * Add a dpdbpassword field to the experiments table; this is the
        randomly generated password for the DB user mentioned above.
      * For Templates, use the above user/password in the environment,
        instead of the swapper uid/password.
      * Add experiment dbname/dbpassword to the Show Experiment page.
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