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    • Leigh B. Stoller's avatar
      Two main changes: · be69c6e4
      Leigh B. Stoller authored
      * Add mailman to the install process. This includes the package
        install, all the setup needed in ops-install, and the little patches
        we apply locally.
        Note: Only under 6.0: no point in going backwards since its a pain
        in the ass to build these packages for the 4.10 image.
      * Push more of the package install back down into the ops/boss install
        scripts. This improves testing within those scripts, and avoids
        duplication. There are some changes in rc.mkelab that will temp
        mount the package dir on /packages for the benefit of the scripts.
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    • Mike Hibler's avatar
      Changes related to allowing seperate 'fs' (file server) node. · c53d5827
      Mike Hibler authored
      Entailed new instructions for manual setup as well as integration into
      elabinelab framework.  First, the manual path:
      setup.txt, setup-boss.txt, setup-ops.txt and new setup-fs.txt:
          Updated to reflect potential for separate fs node.  The org here
          is a little dicey and could be confusing with ops+fs vs. ops and fs.
          Has not been field tested yet.
      */GNUmakefile.in: new fs-install target.
      configure, configure.in, defs-*:
          Somewhat unrelated, make min uid/gid to use be a defs setting.
          Also add config of fs-install.in script.
      boss-install.in, ops-install.in and new fs-install.in:
          Handle distinct fs node.  If you have one, fs-install is run before
          ops-install.  All scripts rely on the defs file settings of FSNODE
          and USERNODE to determine if the fs node is seperate.
          Just return "ok" if quotas are not used (i.e., if defs file FS_WITH_QUOTA
          string is null.
          Meta port for fs node specific stuff.  Also a patch for the samba port
          Makefile so it doesn't drag in CUPs, etc.  Note that the current samba
          port Makefile has this change, I am just backporting to our version.
      Elabinelab specific changes:
          NS fragment used in conjunction with
      	tb-elab-in-elab-topology "withfs"
          to setup inner-elab with fs node.
          The hard work on the boss side.  Recognize seperate-fs config and handle
          running of rc.mkelab on that node.  fs setup happens before ops setup.
          The hard work on the client side.  Recognize FsNode setup as well as
          differentiate ops+fs from ops setup.
      Related stuff either not part of the repo or checked in previously:
          emulab-fs package
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    • Mike Hibler's avatar
      Comment out lines in syslog.conf that send messages to logged in "root" · 34b10294
      Mike Hibler authored
      users.  These messages were appearing in linktest output to users because
      the linktest proxy runs on ops as root with a "full" tty ("-t -t") which
      apparently makes it look like a logged in user.
      Since no one logs in as root on ops, there was no legit recipient for these
      messages anyway.  Since the messasge all go to log files, I don't think we
      are losing anything.
  17. 12 Feb, 2005 1 commit
    • Kirk Webb's avatar
      · dede658b
      Kirk Webb authored
      Fixed up ops-install for new way of handling smb.conf file.  We copy in an
      smb.conf.head file now, and copy that to smb.conf initially on ops.
      exports_setup[.proxy] takes care of updating the share permissions for
      samba dynamically.
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    • Leigh B. Stoller's avatar
      Some minor changes: · 77cb5a5b
      Leigh B. Stoller authored
      * Change how we get the root key over to boss during initial installation.
        Instead of breaking out and having the user do it by hand, we have a
        default keypair in the repo that is installed long enough to allow boss
        to ssh over to ops and install the newly generated keypair. The keypair
        is in the repo cause it won't ever be used anyplace else. Just to be
        safe, I prefix it with a from="boss.emulab.net" option when ops-install
        sticks it into root's authkeys file.
      * Fix a couple of bugs in the root key ssh. @ needs to be escaped in perl,
        and must use BatchMode=yes option or else the check to see of the root
        key was copied just hangs!
      * Add initialization of mysql user and group since the pkg does not do that
        (the port does though).
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