1. 06 Jun, 2016 8 commits
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  3. 02 Jun, 2016 1 commit
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      Don't enable the NFS server. · f86fbf43
      Mike Hibler authored
      We don't need it any more (and haven't since we used jail-based vnodes!)
      and it just creates vulnerabilities by running rpcbind.
      Note that we do need an NFS server for elabinelab ops/fs nodes, but rc.mkela
      takes care of making sure it is turned on.
  4. 01 Jun, 2016 8 commits
  5. 31 May, 2016 4 commits
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      Handle the identification of enet interfaces in a less ad-hoc manner. · 05abd217
      Mike Hibler authored
      Things were simple back when all Linux called them "ethN" and there were
      very few pseudo-devices to worry about...
      Now we find the "active" experimental interfaces from the Emulab-provided
      /var/emulab/boot/tmcc/ifconfig info. We use the MACs there along with "findif"
      to identify interfaces of interest. N.B.: as it stands, this version of
      slothd requires the most recent change to "findif" to accept command line
      MAC addresses with ':'s.
      Also fixed a couple of bugs while in here. The "netstat" command output
      (used to obtain packet counts on both Linux and FreeBSD) has also changed
      over the years. At some point, the Linux version (at least on CentOS) removed
      the "Met" (metric) column from the output, throwing off the parsing of input
      and output packet counts. For FreeBSD, an "Idrops" column was added which
      throws off the output packet count. Both are now handled by noting whether
      the columns exist when first seeing the header, and adjusting the sscanf
      format accordingly. On the Linux side I have only seen this affect CentOS 7.
      For FreeBSD, it affects all versions back to at least FreeBSD 8!
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      Expose -C option of portstats. · d00d0798
      Mike Hibler authored
      PF WARNING: several "pass" statements were used in the making of
      this commit.
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      Add RRD data collection defs. · 36576e99
      Leigh B Stoller authored
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