1. 23 May, 2019 4 commits
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      Do not show Save Parameters button if the profile project is not · be7b878d
      Leigh B Stoller authored
      enabled to use the new geni-lib and ppwizard.
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      Minor formatting fix. · 1a76ff77
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      Changed related to parameter sets and experiment bindings: · 03e4d8bc
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      * Show the parameter bindings on the status page for an experiment, and
        on the memlane page. This is strictly informational so that users can
        quickly see the parameters that are/were chosen at the time the
        experiment was created.
      * Add a Save Parameters button on the memlane and status pages. This
        will generate a json structure and store it in the DB for that profile
        and user. Optionally, mark the parameter set as specific to a profile
        version or repo hash, so a user can quickly link to that version/hash
        and apply the parameter set.
      * On the instantiate page, the parameters step include new buttons to
        1) reset the form to default, 2) apply the parameters used in the most
        recent experiment (current, then history), 3) choose from a dropdown
        of parameters the users has saved for that profile, and 4) take the
        user to their activation history for the profile, to pick one to run
        again or save parameters.
      * Add a new tab to the user dashboard to show the user's saved parameter
      * Lots of changes to the new version of the ppwizard for apply
        parameter sets and showing warnings about them. This code has NOT been
        applied to the old ppwizard.
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