1. 08 May, 2002 7 commits
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      Add vnode_setup script to setup/teardown the vnode configuration on a · be4eb7bb
      Leigh B. Stoller authored
      remote node. Called out of os_setup and tbswapout (-k option to tear
      down the vnodes). Invokes the proper script on the remote node, with
      the vnodeid (vronXXX) as the key (which is passed along in tmcc to
      distinguish vnodes from each other).
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      Minor change to virt_trafgens table generation to make it easier to · 9e27dead
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      post pass the table and reassign the port space (in assign_wrapper).
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      Support for vnodes, plus some other changes: · 386c2778
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      1) Merge in the accounts code that I did for ron. Instead of resetting
         the password file on each reboot, look at the node status to
         determine if the password/group file should be reset. If the
         node is free, reset it. Otherwise, we track changes to the password
         and group file now, so that users can change it and not have their
         changes wiped out at each reboot. I had to do this for the ron
         nodes so that the testbed software would not alter or delete
         already existing accounts; I keep a couple of little dbm files
         listing all the accounts/groups added. The only downside right now
         is if a node is reallocated before it is wiped clean; I plan to add
         an os_teardown phase to experiment termination asap.
      2) Add tunnels support. New DB table (tunnels) provides information
         for running vtund to link up to remote nodes. Creates a vtund.conf
         file on the fly, and fires them off. The complication is that you
         cannot do the ifconfigs or the routes until the tunnels are
         connected, so that stuff has to be configured within the vtund.conf
         file on a per tunnel basis. vtund.conf has some sections for
         running commands when tunnels are brought up or down.
      3) Damage the routing configuration code that Mike did. To support
         tunnels, as noted above, rc,route is no longer a simple list of
         commands, but a program that adds/dels routes based on the netmask,
         with a special "enable" section for the other stuff. This allows me
         to call it from vtund.conf for up/down on each tunnel'ed
         interfaces, as needed. Quite gross, but no way around it.
      4) For remote nodes, add a vnodesetup script, invoked from boss when
         experiments are setup/torndown. This gets the tunnel/route/trafgen
         configuration and runs them. It then goes into the background
         waiting for a death signal, at which time it brings them down and
         cleans out the vnode state.
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      Minor vpath rule change. · bfad5e85
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