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  1. 10 Nov, 2010 8 commits
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      Fix up copyright dates · bd6f3dbc
      Robert Ricci authored
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      Fix another old, and significant, bug · 65506d22
      Robert Ricci authored
      Each pclass hold a mapping from type names to nodes of that type
      that are currently available for use. This structure was not being
      properly maintained; when a mapping was removed, only the entry
      for the pnodes *current* type was being put back. When the pnode
      goes empty, *all* of its possible types should be marked as available.
      The consequence was that for pnodes that could take on multiple types
      (which is the common case in Emulab), once a node had been considered
      for a certain type (say, 'pc', 'pcvm', or 'delay'), it would *never*
      be considered for another type again.
      Add a new function that gets called when a pnode goes empty, to reset
      *all* of its type mappings in its pclass.
      Fixing this bug could have some serious positive consequences.
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      Minor improvements to debugging output · 4ddc7226
      Robert Ricci authored
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      Fixing more pre-historic bugs · c7ba5997
      Robert Ricci authored
      Code didn't match comment; comment was right.
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      Remove two more useless compile time options · 57805560
      Robert Ricci authored
      PNODE_ALWAYS_FRONT wasn't used for anything
      PNODE_SWITCH_LOAD was a bugfix, which we had turned on by default, and
      there was no point in being able to turn the bug back on.
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      Remove vestiges of SMART_UNMAP compile-time option. · 2175000c
      Robert Ricci authored
      It was a good idea, but we've never used it in production, it hasn't
      compiled in years, and it was just cluttering up the code.
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      Fix the names of some very badly-name variables · 12b109f8
      Robert Ricci authored
      The 'best' variable didn't really store the best score seen so far,
      so rename it to prev_score. Likewise for the bestviolated variable.
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      Re-think no_connect violations · 26e0a6c6
      Robert Ricci authored
      Re-think a very old idea in assign - that no_connect violations for
      unmapped links should not be assessed against links whose endpoints are
      not mapped. The problem with this is that assign is too hesitant to map
      nodes - if there is more than one link that can't be mapped or whose
      other end isn't mapped yet, then assign thinks it's better to leave the
      node unmapped. This leads to confusing solutions (in which nodes remain
      unmapped when really it's the links that are the problem), and I beleive
      it keeps assign from exploring valuable parts of the solution space.
      This patch chanes the behavior, so that no_connect violations get scored
      even when the endpoints of the link are not mapped.
      Not well enough tested to run in production.
  2. 09 Nov, 2010 28 commits
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