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    • Leigh B. Stoller's avatar
      Replace old and tired webglimpse with new and modern index/search · ac1c62df
      Leigh B. Stoller authored
      soeftware called swish-e since webglimpse was broken, did not install
      out of the box, no longer being maintained by the authors, and
      generally a pain in the ass.
      swish-e is probably overkill, but it works and can be configured and
      run from a single configuration file (swish.conf.in).
      I've removed the advanced search form and replaced with simple form.
      I can bring back advanced stuff if needed, although better to wait
      until the swish-e port is upgraded and there is better backend support
      for generating the html output.
      There is a backend script called websearch that is called from the php
      search page. It invokes swish and spits out html that is amenable to
      being inbedded in our existing page layout (we were not able to do
      that with webglimpse).
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    • Leigh B. Stoller's avatar
      Make the new version of beginexp_xml live now that its been through · f014e8b0
      Leigh B. Stoller authored
      the paper effort for everyone. I've redirected everything to
      beginexp_html.php3 (the front end to the XML version), including the
      plab and bui pages.
      I've stuck a redirect in the old beginexp.php3, to make it easy to
      bring back the old version in case something goes wrong. Just comment
      out the lines at the top and reinstall, along with changing the other
      links to it.
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      Commit functioning XML interface. At present, only isadmin people will · 51310e62
      Leigh B. Stoller authored
      see this new page. That allows me to inflict pain on testbed
      developers while we work out any kinks. These new pages implement an
      XML interface to experiment creation.
      Some new files:
      beginexp_html.php3: A wrapper for the actual beginexp form. This page
      includes the form, and then invokes the XMLRPC backend page.
      beginexp_form.html: The original form code, split out from beginexp
      and turned into a module that can be included into another file.  It
      is slightly reorganized to make it easier to include as a module.  The
      idea is that the plab_ez form will be recast in this model, reducing
      some redundant complexity.
      beginexp_xml.php3: The XML backend. The idea is that the html page
      packages up the form arguments as an XMLRPC message, and invokes this
      page with the XML goo encoded in the URL. It also passes along the
      uid/cookie so that the authentication happens properly (https of
      course). The page decodes the URL into PHP datatypes, and does much of
      the same argument checking that beginexp used to do. Errors are stored
      up in the same manner, but instead of spitting back html, it now spits
      back a "structure", encoded in XML so that the _html page can put up a
      new form. Basically, all output is sent back via an XML encoded
      structure and displayed in a form that the invoking script deems
      This gives us a pure XMLRPC interface, which we wrap with a form interface
      so that it looks just like it did before.
      The next step is to provide an alternate front end, but that will require
      some certificate stuff that I have not worked out yet.
      Oh, one more item. The syntax check stuff has been altered a bit.
      Instead of invoking the beginexp page, which meant a zillion special
      tests, I now invoke nscheck.php3 directly from the button. Took a few
      extra lines of Javascript to do this, so watch out for problems there
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    • Robert Ricci's avatar
      Added a view option to PAGEFOOTER() · db875fd8
      Robert Ricci authored
      Added GETUSERVIEW(), which determines the current user's default view
      - either the normal one, or the planetlab one.
      Add a logout botton to WRITEPLABTOPBAR()
      Added an 'Approve users' button to WRITEPLABTOPBAR()
      Added WRITEPLABBOTTOMBAR() to put some stuff for planetlab users across the
      bottom of the page.
  18. 24 Nov, 2003 1 commit
    • Robert Ricci's avatar
      Added some new display abilities to menu.php3 . · 6682b5d9
      Robert Ricci authored
      PAGEHEADER() now takes a vew array, which can turn on and off display
      of things like the sidebar and banner.
      In the future, some of this information will likely be grabbed from
      the user somehow (new and/or plab users may get a different view than
      Also added the functions to draw a 'topbar' of options that goes
      across the top of the page, rather than down the left side. A simple
      topbar for planetlab nodes is included.
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    • Leigh B. Stoller's avatar
    • Leigh B. Stoller's avatar
      A couple of robots changes. · 0121e3fe
      Leigh B. Stoller authored
      * Change Home page title to: Emulab - Network Emulation Testbed Home
      * Change mainsite robot meta tags to include a description, set to the
        same as the new home page title above.
      * Remote now sites get standard "noindex" robot directive; crawlers will
        follow links on remote sites but not index them in their search engines.
      * Add a fixed link to www.emulab.net/netemu.php3 on all sites; used to
        be on mainsite only; that was dumb!
      * Minor cosmetic changes to netemu.php3.
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    • Leigh B. Stoller's avatar
      Some quickie changes for Jay. · 29ca24eb
      Leigh B. Stoller authored
      * Remove star on netbed CD
      * Remove ron/all picture from counts and pictures.
      * Display a multiple of 4 pictures
      * Add new icon to active/swapped links on index page
      * Link to active/swapped directly from index page
      * Change title to Active and Recently Swapped Out.
      Still a problem though; counts no longer match. will fix when I return
      from the dentist.
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    • Mac Newbold's avatar
      A fix for Mike's "Pointless Nit o' the Day" for today: · 2aa150bc
      Mac Newbold authored
      Add a magical icon for the Emulab pages. Shows up on the tab for tabbed browsers, and
      in the bookmarks, etc.
      The current image isn't that great, but it's something. When we've got time, we'll
      make it a little better by not trying to fit so much of the logo in at once.
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    • Chad Barb's avatar
      · 484921c1
      Chad Barb authored
      Linked in publications and classes under
      new "Emulab Users" top-level menu item.
      Moved project list from the top-level underneath this.
      For non-Utah emulabs, the project list remains
      on the top level.