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      A fair number of changes. · 564d958d
      Leigh B. Stoller authored
      * The rest of the backend support for simplistic experiment duplication,
        either from an existing (current) experiment, or from a specific
        archive revision of a current or terminated experiment.
      * Rework the swapmod code so that the archive is committed at the exact
        end of the swapout phase. This required adding (and moving) some code
        from swapexp to tbswap sine that is where the actual swapout/swapin
        happens during a swapmod
      * Add a special directory called "archive" to the experiment
        directory, which is a place where users can store stuff they want
        saved away. This will eventually be a user defined set of
        directories, but this was good for getting the basic mechanism in
        place. Note that the when the contents of this directory are copied
        out for placement into the archive, it is an exact copy made with
      * No longer "clean" the contents of the temporary store between
        commits of the archive. This was creating a lot of headaches, and
        was also causing the revision history to get messed up. The downside
        of this is that we have to be more careful to explicitly delete
        files that the user no longer uses. I have not solved all these
        issues yet, so in the meantime files will get left in the archive
        even if the user no longer references them.
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