1. 23 May, 2007 3 commits
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      First cut at template checkout and commit from a checkout. The interface · b674bc7b
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      described is the one exported to ops via the XMLRPC interface. This is
      just playing aroundl no doubt this stuff is going to change.
      * template_checkout guid/vers
        Checkout a copy of the template to the current working directory.
      * template_commit
        Modify the previous template checkout, using the nsfile contained in
        the tbdata directory (subdir of the current directory). In other words,
        the current template is modified, creating a new template in the
        current working directory (the current directory refers to the new
        The datastore subdir is imported into the new template, but that is
        the only directory that is imported at present. Might change that.
      So this sounds much cooler then it really is. Why?
      * This only works from ops.
      * The "current directory" must be one of the standard approved directories
        (/proj, /users, /groups).
      * Cause, boss reads and writes that directory via NFS, as told to it
        by the xmlrpc client.
      At some point in the future it would be nice to support something
      fancier, using a custom transport, but lets see how this goes.
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      Minor bug fix. · edfec844
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      Bug fixes ... · 689fbd13
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