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      Add code to os_setup to log information about Image usage. · 979442f3
      Kevin Atkinson authored
      Enough information is logged so that, at any point in time,
      it is possible to tell what images are being used.  After
      collecting some stats for a while I hope to use this data to
      evaluate various strategies for preloading disks with images
      other than the default.
      Although not its primary purpose, enough information is
      collection to be able to get a snapshot of node usage at any
      point in time.  This includes what nodes are being used and by
      who, as in which experiments and thus which projects.
      NOTE: For a while you might see a few of these warnings,
        *** WARNING: os_setup:
        ***   could not find previous state (rsrcidx=484084) in image_history
        ***   table, won't be able to determine newly allocated nodes
      if someone does a swapmod to an experiment that was swapped in
      before this commit was installed.  This is because os_setup uses
      previous information in the table to determine newly allocated
      nodes.  This warning can safely be ignored in this case, and should
      go away over time.
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      I had such ambitious goals when I started this project! My intent was · cccc74eb
      Leigh B. Stoller authored
      to allow elabinelab vlan firewalls. Alas, I never got there, fell into
      a pit of hell and never made it back out. However, I did do a few
      I did make some changes to deal with stacks, mostly making sure that
      stacks are processed properly inside the elabinelab, and passed
      through to the outer emulab, which currently ignores the stack. See
      the new version of the proxy.
      The big change was to -m and -o. These now require a pid/eid argument
      so that we can create (and delete) vlan objects in the DB, for both
      the control and experimental stacks. Most notably, when creating a
      firewalled experiment, we get a Lan(VLan) object for the control
      network fwvlan, and an entry in the softstate vlans table (that
      mirrors what is on the switches). This is intended to make things
      easier to cleanup after a swap error, and to catch inconsitencies
      before we release nodes. Note that -m and -o take -f to override the
      pid/eid requirement, in which case they operate as before.
      Trunk enable/disable and Port enable/disable now record that state in
      the new interface_state table.
      We now proxy doPortControl().
      A second -l option overrides Keiths change that prints only vlans
      associated witl experiments; print *all* vlans.
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      Library functions to set/clr the enabled/tagged bits in the new · 71812015
      Leigh B. Stoller authored
      interface_state table.
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      Change the way that elabinelab communicates with the outer emulab. · 0a004176
      Leigh B. Stoller authored
      Instead of passing along a set of arguments that needs to be turned
      into command line arguments to the proxy, pass along an xmldoc
      representing the arguments. This xmldoc is passed through the rpc
      server to the snmpit proxy, where it reconstructs the arguments. This
      avoids all that cruftiness in the rpc server (also error prone) and
      make it easier to add new remote methods, say for supporting eventual
      elabibelab firewalls. Note that there are currently two versions of
      the proxy and two methods in the rpc server, so that existing emulabs
      will work.
      I also added support for port enable/disable/etc from the inner elab.
      There is also the beginning of firewall support. I pass the stack
      module argument along, but currently not actually doing control stack
      operations from the proxy. Needs more work.
      Oh, I copied the cvs repo file for the original proxy so that we do
      not lose the cvs history.
      See corresponding commitlog for snmpit for description of other
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    • Leigh B. Stoller's avatar
    • Leigh B. Stoller's avatar
      Initialize new interface_state table when entries new nodes · 1040f711
      Leigh B. Stoller authored
      (interfaces) are added to the DB.
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