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      Use the new Utah-added -A option to iperf to attempt to fine tune the · e1cbdaaa
      Mike Hibler authored
      FIN timeout thus getting more accurate BW measurements.  From the code:
                        # Even without packet loss, there is a good chance that
                        # iperf's end-of-stream (FIN) will be lost since we are
                        # over-driving the link.  The ACK for that FIN needs to
                        # be received before iperf's timer stops, so a long
                        # timeout (for resending the FIN) on a short duration
                        # run will lower the BW reading considerably.  So we
                        # attempt to keep the timeout as short as possible,
                        # taking into account the round-trip latency of the link.
                        # We may also need to adjust the run time of the test
                        # upward, but we do not exceed the indicated max duration.
                        # 250 ms is the default timeout value for iperf.  We
                        # start with a candidate value of 50 ms which is chosen
                        # as it is sufficient for the 3% BW error on min duration
                        # (3 second) tests.  You should not pick a base acktime
                        # less than the resolution of the clock (10ms or 1ms).
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      Add new '-A <timo>' option to set the length of time the client will · 95f14c95
      Mike Hibler authored
      wait for an ACK of its FIN.  The fixed 1/4 second was too big for us.
      The option gets passed over to the server when running in tradeoff or
      dual modes.
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      Small UI tweaks. · 9df22cb8
      Leigh B. Stoller authored
  6. 30 May, 2006 5 commits
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      Minor fix. · c971be7d
      Leigh B. Stoller authored
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      Add an export option to the record listing. A new button on the Template · 2cfe4630
      Leigh B. Stoller authored
      Record page lets you export the contents of the archive that corresponds
      to that record, along with an XML file that describes the various DB bits
      for the template and instance.
      This is just a first cut so that Mike can start playing around. Subject to
      change, I'm sure.
      The archive is dumped to /proj/$pid/exports/$guid/$vers/$exptidx, which
      is basically the last commit of the instance when it was terminated.
      The xml file is called export.xml and is placed in the top level directory
      of the above directory. The file is created with XML::Simple, and a typical
      XML file might look like:
          <description>Number of nodes!</description>
          <value>Some metadata</value>
          <start_time>2006-05-26 08:23:02</start_time>
          <stop_time>2006-05-26 08:25:16</stop_time>
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      Ooops, apparently we don't bold the status of testbeds that are not · 16894299
      Robert Ricci authored
      available to the public yet.
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