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      Last part of the recent widearea changes. Now that widearea nodes are · eb6c576c
      Leigh B. Stoller authored
      reporting in isalive status, and since we are returning a "need to
      update" flag in the message, and since we are now initiating widearea
      account updates by setting the flag for each node, and since tmcd
      decrements that flag when the node picks up accounts, it is a simple
      matter to do update for remote nodes! Simply, bump the flag in this
      script, and then wait a little while to see whose flag does not change
      back! Report those in the email message. Works very slick.
      This mechanism is going to be generalized some to handle other kinds
      of updates. Either via the isalive return value, or via a specialized
      TMCD call to return the list of things that need to be updated. The
      next most needed update mechanism we need is for the testbed software,
      followed closely by user software.
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      A wide ranging set of event system changes: · 0318cc22
      Leigh B. Stoller authored
      assign_wrapper.in: Hack in a change that ensures a delay node is
      created for any link on which an event is posted (up,down,modify),
      no matter what its initial parameters are. ie: If a link is created
      with no delay, but there is an event that adds a delay later, then we
      must drop in a delay node. Same for up/down on a link. We do this in
      the delay node. I am reasonably confident that this change is fine for
      duplex links, but I am less sure of the effect on lans!
      eventsys_control.in: Checkpoint latest changes. Add "replay" option,
      which right now just stops and starts the event scheduler so that it
      reloads the entire event list. Add check for existing experiment, and
      that the experiment is either active or swapping (do not want to start
      a scheduler for a swapped out experiment!). Add check to see if there
      are any events, and skip startup if there are not events in the DB.
      Lastly, get very serious about preventing more than one scheduler from
      being started, either by accident or intentionally. My protocol is to
      lock the table, grab and set the pid to -pid, test the pid for a
      positive value, and if positive, send the scheduler a kill(TERM) so
      that it can cleanup, clear the pid to zero in the DB, and exit. This
      approach ensures that we do not try to send a kill to a pid that is no
      longer active or owned by the user (this last part is not really
      necessary cause of how pids are reused, but it was easy to add so why
      exports_setup.in: Trivial change to make it easier to turn this on
      temporarily in devel trees.
      named_setup.in: Ditto.
      node_reboot.in: Add call to TBdbfork() in child cause of apparent DB
      connection problems across forks. In the child, set the eventstatus
      for the node to REBOOT if successful (not this event status stuff is
      temporary, will be recast in next set of revisions).
      GNUmakefile:  Add new controlling program, eventsys_control.
      power.in:     Ditto previous comment about REBOOT.
      os_setup.in:  Non event system cleanups.
      tbend.in:     Add DB cleanup of the new virt_trafgens and eventlist tables.
      tbprerun.in:  Ditto.
      tbreport.in:  Print out the event list in a pretty print format.
      tbswapin.in:  Add call to start the event system. Also a big fix; move
                    the named script up above the os_setup so that the named
                    tables have been updated by the time the first node
                    reboots. I noticed that nodes were failing on gethostbyname().
      tbswapout.in: Add call to stop the event system.
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      Lots of little changes for sending email to the right places, with · 3285bc3e
      Leigh B. Stoller authored
      proper headers. Split out some of the mail into testbed-logs,
      testbed-ops, and testbed-approval. Added a library for including from
      our perl scripts. Contains a couple of mail helper functions, but will
      hopefully contain more as time goes by.
      Fixed a bug in the web interface that was causing breakage for people
      with multiple accounts. Mac and Jay have noticed this, when logging
      out and trying to join or create a project under a new or different
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