1. 02 Apr, 2010 1 commit
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      No longer install the emulab p5-GD-2.07 port. · 9214ef9e
      Mike Hibler authored
      We introduced this port or an older version of GD long ago to get around an
      incompatibility with perl.  Our perl has since moved on and we no longer
      need this.  To be safe, we still install this on 4.x-based installs (though
      I am sure many, many other things would break if someone tried to install
      Emulab on FreeBSD 4.x now!)
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      Make newnode scripts work on Linux · 43bb0e7c
      Ryan Jackson authored
      FreeBSD network devices are named after the device driver used, whereas
      Linux network devices are named after the interface type, such as 'eth0'
      for the first ethernet interface.  The newclient script would send each
      interface name to the server via the 'ifacenameX' parameter, and
      newnodecheckin.php would use it to get the driver type for the
      interface.  This works with the FreeBSD MFS, but not with the Linux one.
      Without this fix, all reported interfaces would be of type 'eth', which
      isn't helpful.
      To fix this, a new parameter was added to newnodecheckin.php called
      'ifacedriverX' (where X is the interface number).  This parameter is
      optional for backward compatibility with existing newnode MFS images.
      If present, it is used to specify the interface type.  If not, the
      ifacenameX parameter is munged as before to extract the interface type.
      The newclient script reports this parameter under both FreeBSD and
      Linux.  On FreeBSD, the interface name is munged to extract the type.
      On Linux, the driver name is extracted from sysfs.
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      A bunch of changes for a "standalone" clearinghouse. Presently this · 60f04310
      Leigh B. Stoller authored
      its really a hugely stripped down Emulab boss install, using a very
      short version of install/boss-install to get a few things into place.
      I refactored a few things in both the protogeni code and the Emulab
      code, and whacked a bunch of makefiles and configure stuff. The result
      is that we only need to install about 10-12 files from the Emulab
      code, plus the protogeni code. Quite manageable, if you don't mind
      that it requires FreeBSD 6.X ... Still, I think it satisfies the
      requirement that we have a packaged clearinghouse that can be run
      standalone from a running Emulab site.
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