1. 17 Sep, 2013 1 commit
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      Create a new directory for the "portfix" version of snmpit. · abe2c7c7
      Kirk Webb authored
      In order to test the portfix changes to snmpit, a new version of
      the tool and its modules has been split off here.  This new version
      will be selected via a site variable / emulab feature.  This also
      reverts changes to the mainline Ports module and snmpit modules
      in the snmpit_test subdirectory.  The modified Port module will
      go by the name of Ports_portfix.pm, and will ultimately disappear
      once these changes have been vetted at the Utah Emulab site.
  2. 30 Jul, 2013 4 commits
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      Tweak trunk handling in snmpit_mellanox · db8b5bd6
      Kirk Webb authored
      Tweaks to prevent adding vlan 1 to the trunk allowed list.
      We should only ever do this implicitly if the last vlan in the allowed list
      is removed.
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      Mellanox XML gateway adapter/wrapper module. · 5283d83f
      Kirk Webb authored
      This module wraps the Mellanox XML-gateway API, an "interesting" sort of
      interface offered up by Mellanox switches running MLNX-OS.  This module
      handles all of the connection setup and XML encoding / decoding.  Users
      of the module pass in arrays of commands to run, and arrays of results
      are returned.  All commands in lists passed to a single call() invocation
      will be passed along together to be invoked, in order, on the switch.
      Mixtures of 'get', 'set-*', and 'action' commands are allowed.
      This check-in also includes a test harness for this module.
      Sample use:
      my $gw = MLNX_XMLGateway->new("user:pass@switch.somehost.org");
      my @cmds = (
        ["get", "/some/REST/path"],
        ["set-create", "/some/REST/path/to/create"],
        ["set-modify", "/some/REST/path/to/modify=newvalue"],
        ["action", "/some/REST/action/path", {var => value, ...}]
      $results = eval { $gw->call(\@cmds) };
      if ($@) {
        die "error: $@";
      foreach my $res (@$results) {
        # path, type, value
        print "@$res\n";
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      Initial checkin of Mellanox XML gateway code. · 3341066c
      Kirk Webb authored