1. 17 Sep, 2013 5 commits
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      Create a new directory for the "portfix" version of snmpit. · abe2c7c7
      Kirk Webb authored
      In order to test the portfix changes to snmpit, a new version of
      the tool and its modules has been split off here.  This new version
      will be selected via a site variable / emulab feature.  This also
      reverts changes to the mainline Ports module and snmpit modules
      in the snmpit_test subdirectory.  The modified Port module will
      go by the name of Ports_portfix.pm, and will ultimately disappear
      once these changes have been vetted at the Utah Emulab site.
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      Fix listVlans() in snmpit_mellanox · 08f71970
      Kirk Webb authored
      .. to be consistent with the convention that inter-switch port members are
      listed from the "local" switch side, and "node" or "endpoints" are listed
      from the "node" side.
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      Update Ports abstraction module to better distinguish nodes vs. switches. · 7f422242
      Kirk Webb authored
      The lookup functions now look at the wire type and which location the
      requested node is in (node_id1 or node_id2) to decide which side of the
      link the port represents (switch vs. endpoint).  We don't (yet) query the
      nodes table for the role since we consistently use the node_id1 (and
      related) columns to hold the endpoint (node) information for wires of
      type "Node".
      For inter-switch
      trunks, we always mark the port object as being the "switch" side.  Both
      sides are the switch side...  Functions like getPCPort() and getSwitchPort()
      are ambiguous when invoked on a switch port object, and will always return
      a reference to the object the method was invoked on.
      Also update the HP snmpit module to explicitly check the wire type for a port
      before deciding whether or not to get the port at the other end in the
      listVlans() function.
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      Fix typo. · 5d8082f0
      Leigh B Stoller authored
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