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      New script to re-write history of git moves · 061b0df5
      Robert Ricci authored
      This script is intended for use with 'git filter-branch' - it takes
      a directory, finds all files that have been moved into that directory
      and where they came from, and produces a script that moves (in the
      filesystem sense, not the git sense) them from their old locations
      to their new ones.
      Then, you give this script to 'git filter-branch --tree-filter', and
      it will re-write all history so that it looks like the files were
      always in their new locations.
      Written specifically for the move of the clientside stuff into its
      own directory, and then off into its own repository.
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      Add back useprepass check. · 4ec85d39
      Leigh B Stoller authored
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      Power "saving" additions from Barry Trent, who got them from Kevin · 03478fb9
      Leigh B Stoller authored
      Power saving turns off nodes that have been sitting in PXEWAIT (and
      are thus free) for more then a set amount of time (see sitevar
      general/idlepower_idletime, which defaults to 3600 seconds).
      The driver script is tbsetup/idlepower.in and needs to be added to
      /etc/crontab at sites that want to do this. Even so, operation is
      enabled by the sitevar general/idlepower_enable. Each time it runs, it
      checks for nodes that need to be turned off, and then calls power.
      Note: This should be a daemon not a cron job.
      To be considered for power saving, you must add an attribute to the
      node_type_attributes table called 'idlepower_enable', set to 1.
      Locally, I hacked up stated and power to make the state transitions
      legal so that stated does not whine. I added POWEROFF as a valid
      transition from any state, to opmodes NORMAL, NORMALv1, and NORMALv2.
      Barry's original patch already had a state transition for PXEKERNEL.
      In power, I added code to look at the actual operation, and in the
      case of "on", do not send an event if the node is not in POWEROFF,
      since a user can foolishly say power on anytime, and the node is on
      nothing is every going to change, and the state transition would be
      node_reboot takes of powering nodes on, when they are in POWEROFF.
      Barry on copyright issues:
       "I'm not sure those rights are mine to grant! Remember that this code
       came originally from Kevin Lahey (kml@patheticgeek.net) and
       originated at DETER (although he's apparently not there anymore). I
       don't foresee a problem from our point of view (but I'll double
       check, of course). Shall I try to contact Kevin try to sort this mess
       out, or do you think it's better to coordinate from your end?"
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      Allow '*' for state1 (source state) in the state_transition table, · a6b87170
      Leigh B Stoller authored
      which says that any source state is okay, for the specified target
      state. Basically a convenience.
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      Add ExecQuiet() function (stolen from libinstall) to run a command, · 6f773c65
      Leigh B Stoller authored
      capturing and returning all output. Convenient.
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      Minor bug fix. · d191c7b4
      Leigh B Stoller authored
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      Minor bug fix. · 93ff80fc
      Leigh B Stoller authored
  7. 27 Jul, 2011 4 commits
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      Forgot to move the lib directory from toplevel into clientside, since · e460550c
      Leigh B Stoller authored
      clientside requres it to be there. As noted in previous revision, the
      full emulab build always includes the clientside subdir, but a
      clientside build will not necessarily include the rest of Emulab.
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      Minor fix. · 965687f5
      Leigh B Stoller authored
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      Merge branch 'clientside' · 787d0759
      Leigh B Stoller authored
      This is the client reorganization! All of the code that makes up the
      client side (the stuff we install on images and mfs's) has been moved
      into a single place; the clientside subdir. The eventual plan is to
      turn this into a separate git submodule, but for now it lives inside
      of the emulab repo.
      There are two modes of installation.
      1. Build as part of a full emulab build; The top level configure and
         makefile operate as before; the clientside directory is built and
         the client and client-install targets do what they always do. Ditto
         the various mfs and subboss targets.
      2. In the clientside directory, there is a new configure script that
         covers just this subdir. chdir into clientside, run configure with
         no options or defs file, and then build/install. This will be a lot
         esier to handle for user wanting to simply update existing images
         with the latest clientside.
      1. I used "git mv" so the history will follow the files when you do a
         git log, but only if you use the --follow option.
      2. configure has been updated to 2.63 cause the old one we were using
         did not support some of the substitutions I wanted.
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