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      Add tracking of control net mac addresses in the node_history. · bb66f52e
      Leigh B Stoller authored
      For InstaGeni, need to record and be able to search for history by
      control net mac address. We now record this in the node_history table,
      with corresponding change to the ShowNodeHistory web page.
      The backend changes required are that we 1) actually generate a mac
      address for VMs and stick it into the interfaces record, 2) return
      that mac from tmcd in the jailconfig, and 3) have the openvz library
      create the control net interface using that mac.
      On the openvz image, needed to switch to using a control network
      bridge for all interfaces (not just routable ones) so that traffic
      leaves the node with the correct mac.
  6. 13 Jul, 2012 1 commit
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      ProtoGeni stitching and vlan tag reservation changes. · 9b7f535e
      Leigh B Stoller authored
      * Get rid of all use of component_hops; this was our original syntax
        before the stitching path stuff was nailed down.
      * Allow a vlan tag to be requested in the link statement:
          <link client_id="link0" vlantag="765">
            <interface_ref client_id="geni1:if0" />
      * Support vlan tag requests in the stiching path part:
        This is the only support at the moment; none of the range stuff is
        done. Further, if you really want things to work, make sure all the
        hops have the same vlan tag cause we don't do vlan translation
        internally or at our edge points.
      * Utah only change in the mapper; when trying to use a shared vlan
        whose tag is great then 1000, demand the "highvlan" feature on the
        nodes in the lan. Only some of our switches to high numbered vlans.
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      Bug fix for handling shared vlans and trunked ports. · 52143046
      Leigh B Stoller authored
      The code to determine what ports need to be trunked or untrunked was
      blindly picking all ports for the experiment, instead of restricting
      them to those in the vlans being operated on. The result was a missing
      device from the stack.
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      Bug fix for fixing VMs to nodes. Changes to shared vlans. · a31ae886
      Leigh B Stoller authored
      People try to fix pc433 to pc433. The former is a node in the topo,
      the later is a physical node. Causes confusion, breaks. Look for
      this corner case.
      Allow lans that use shared lans, to have more then one port. So now
      you can do this in your rspec:
         <link client_id="link0">
           <vlan:link_shared_vlan name="openflow-mesoscale" />
           <interface_ref client_id="node1:if" />
           <interface_ref client_id="node2:if" />
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      Add reverse DNS lookup for the jail network. · bee73f22
      Leigh B Stoller authored
      The GPO wants this for the protogeni racks. We now build reverse
      map files for the 172.16 subnet, although we do it on a /16 boundry
      to avoid a zillion zone files.
      I am not planning to write an update script for this, since it would
      require scripting changes to named.conf, which I am loath to do. So I
      will do it by hand in Utah, and new sites (racks) will get it. If a
      site wants it:
      	boss> cd obj/named
      Copy all of the 172 files to /etc/named/reverse
      Copy all of the 172 zone entries from named.conf to /etc/named/named.conf
      	boss> named_setup
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