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      Where possible, add a maxttl time so we can show the maximum amount of time · 3add73c9
      Leigh B Stoller authored
      the user can request without admin intervention, beyond the current
      expiration. This is just a guide, and not that on the Geni path, we do not
      actually enforce a limit (the portal does on experiments it creates), but
      people using the geni API directly, can basically keep nodes forever by
      continually asking for more time via slice Renew().
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      Optimized version of the RPC server, using mod_fcgid to maintain long · 640d2c68
      Leigh B Stoller authored
      running servers to avoid the big perl startup costs we have with starting a
      brand new script each time a request comes in. At the moment, only the
      sa/cm/am servers are going to run combined inside the new server, the other
      APIs will use the old method. This new approach reduces minimal RPC time
      from 1 second to 0.05 seconds, which makes it usable from the Portal web
      interface to grab cluster data on the fly.