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      Inner-elab role changes: · 88926d1c
      Mike Hibler authored
      	'boss' -> 'boss+router'
      	'ops'  -> 'ops+fs'
      	'fs'      (new role)
      	'router'  (new role)
      These are in preparation for allowing configurations with split ops and fs
      nodes (and sometime down the road, split boss and router nodes).
      This checkin is just the DB state changes along with the scripts that look
      at that state.  The Big One, which actually sets up separate nodes
      automatically, is undergoing more testing but will be Coming Soon.
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      · a1c355a5
      Timothy Stack authored
      Bring linktest in line with the new event system world order and do some
      generic cleanup.  I'm pretty sure I broke backwards compatibility with
      old disk images though...
      	* configure, configure.in: Remove linktest.h.in from the list of
      	template files.
      	* event/linktest/GNUmakefile.in: Don't make subdirectories for
      	executables since it can mess up the dependencies.  Don't install
      	tb_compat.tcl stuff anymore.  Check for '/usr/local/bin/pathrate'
      	and friends, and print out a warning if they are not found.  Make
      	a version file for the linktest daemon.
      	* event/linktest/linktest.c: Only subscribe to the events we care
      	about 'STOP/KILL'.  Subscribe to TIME START events and kill any
      	linktests that are in progress.  Send events through the local
      	elvind instead of running tevc.
      	* event/linktest/linktest.pl.in: Don't run the modified NS anymore
      	to generate the topology file, use gentopofile to do that.  Send
      	COMPLETE events to indicate that the tests were finished instead
      	of STOP so it works with event-sequences.  Use emulab-sync to
      	report errors between linktest daemons.  In addition to sending
      	REPORT events, send LOG events to the SIMULATOR agent so the
      	messages end up in the report e-mail.  Fix wait_all so it collects
      	child processes immediately and doesn't leave zombies lying
      	around.  Make the static route test work with topologies that
      	aren't fully connected.  Change ownership of the linktest error
      	files from root to the swapper.  Bump latency tolerance up to
      	* event/linktest/ltevent.c: Use event_schedule instead of
      	event_notify so the events go through the scheduler.
      	* event/linktest/run_linktest.pl.in: Wait for COMPLETE events
      	insetad of STOPs.
      	* event/linktest/linktest.h.in: Removed.
      	* event/sched/error-record.c: Include linktest error output in the
      	report e-mail.
      	* event/sched/event-sched.c: Linktest now sends COMPLETE events
      	for START events.
      	* tbsetup/gentopofile.in, tmcd/common/config/rc.topomap: Piggy
      	back the generation and management of the linktest config file
      	onto the generation of the topomap.
      	* tbsetup/ns2ir/sim.tcl.in: Add "linktest" event to the Simulator
      	object that runs linktest at level 3 (latency, static routing, and
      	* tmcd/common/libsetup.pm: Add TMLTMAP constant that contains the
      	path to the node local linktest config file.
      	* tmcd/common/rc.linktest: Pass '-u' option to the linktest daemon
      	so it knows what user should to change ownership of files to.
      	* tmcd/freebsd/jail/mkjail.pl: Copy the linktest config file
      	(ltmap) into the jail.
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      When run in "reboot" mode, we no longer reboot ourselves, rather we wait · 5508d17e
      Mike Hibler authored
      for the server to reboot us.  This avoids a race condition that occurs
      under load (see the comment in the code).
    • Mike Hibler's avatar
      Stay away from arithmetic to compute the IP address/mask for sysctl, · 200f2c79
      Mike Hibler authored
      the 'one-true-awk' version of awk, botches the calculations when the
      values get close to MAXINT.  Instead, just create a hex string since
      sysctl knows about hex numbers.
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