1. 08 Feb, 2002 1 commit
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      Big round of image/osid changes. This is the first cut (final cut?) at · a73e627e
      Leigh B. Stoller authored
      supporting autocreating and autoloading images. The imageid form now
      sports a field to specify a nodeid to create the image from; If set,
      the backend create_image script is invoked. Thats the easy part.
      Slightly harder is autoloading images based on the osid specified in
      the NS file. To support this, I have added a new DB table called
      osidtoimageid, which holds the mapping from osid/pctype to imageid.
      When users create images, they must specify what node types that image
      is good for. Obviously, the mappings have to be unique or it would be
      impossible to figure it out! Anyway, once that image mapping is
      in place and the image created, the user can specify that ID in the NS
      file. I've changed os_setup to to look for IDs that are not loaded,
      and to try and find one in the osidtoimageid. If found, it invokes
      os_load. To keep things running in parallel as much as possible,
      os_setup issues all the loads/reboots (could be more than a single set
      of loads is multiple IDs are in the NS file) at once, and waits for
      all the children to exit. I've hacked up os_load a bit to try and be
      more robust in the face of PXE failures, which still happen and are
      rather troublsesome. Need an event system!
      Contained in this revision are unrelated changed to make the OS and
      Image IDs per-project unique instead of globally unique, since thats a
      pain for the users. This turns out to be very messy, since underneath
      we do not want to pass around pid/ID in all the various places its
      used. Rather, I create a globally unique name and extened the OS and
      Image tables to include pid/name/ID. The user selects pid/name, and I
      create the globally unique ID. For the most part this is invisible
      throughout the system, except where we interface with the user, say in
      the web pages; the user should see his chosen name where possible, and
      the should invoke scripts (os_load, create_image, etc) using his/her
      name not the internal ID. Also, in the front end the NS file should
      use the user name not the ID. All in all, this accounted for a number
      of annoying changes and some special cases that are unavoidable.
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      Minor changes to convert delays from ints to floats in the DB. Chris · cab46455
      Leigh B. Stoller authored
      did the lanlink change. assign_wrapper does not really need any
      changes at all, but I dropped a comment in. The only real change is
      needed in the client side to convert a floating point from tmcd, into
      an int to give to ipfw. Rather cheesy too, given that Perl does not
      have a real conversion function (int() truncates).
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      Many changes and updates for handling new types. The db now has types like... · 78b4e4f5
      Mac Newbold authored
      Many changes and updates for handling new types. The db now has types like 'pc600', 'pc850', and 'dnard', and each type has a class like 'pc' or 'shark'. This updates scripts that use types to use classes where appropriate, and to handle the new types where there were hardcoded things that couldn't be eliminated right now.
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  23. 03 May, 2001 2 commits
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      Fixed for new OSID stuff... · 6a699765
      Mac Newbold authored
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      A slew of changes for new images/os_info tables. disk_images is gone, · 23a230e8
      Leigh B. Stoller authored
      replaced by the "images" table. New os_info table is added. New web
      pages to add and delete OSIDs to/from the os_info table, for use in
      the NS file. tb-create-os is gone. handle_os no longer operates on the
      tbcmds file, and no longer writes anything into the ir file. Moved the
      setting up of os state (nodes table) from os_setup to handle_os, where
      it should be. os_load and sched_reload now take a single argument, the
      name of the imageid from the images table.
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  26. 11 Apr, 2001 2 commits
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      Serious restructuring of parsing. · e9b8c412
      Christopher Alfeld authored
      This makes variable dereferencing work as expected.  So:
              for {set i 1} {$i <= 8} {incr i} {
                  set c($i) [$ns node]
                  tb-set-node-cmdline $c($i) "BATCH=1 DST_NAME=$c($i)"
      will now expand $c($i) to correctly to c-$i.  Similarly:
      set node1 [$ns node]
      puts "First node is $node1"
      will output:
      First node is node1.
      Caveat: It assumes that every node and lan will be stored in a
      variable.  So doing something like:
      $ns duplex-link [$ns node] [$ns node] 100Mb 150ms DroPTail
      while in theory valid and sensible, won't work.
      A clean rewrite of the parsing stuff is probably something I should do
      soon.  It needs it to do all the variable munging correctly.
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      Added: · 0510282c
      Christopher Alfeld authored
      Also fixed bug with LAN loss in handle_os
  31. 15 Mar, 2001 2 commits
  32. 14 Mar, 2001 2 commits
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      This is the multiple links update. · 4b07b9df
      Christopher Alfeld authored
      Links can now be named:
      set link1 [$ns duplex-link $node0 $node1 100Mb 100ms DropTail]
      tb-set-link-loss can now either be
      tb-set-link-loss $node0 $node1 0.05
      tb-set-link-loss $node0 $link1 0.05
      There is a new command, tb-set-ip-link:
      tb-set-ip-link $node0 $link0
      and tb-set-ip-lan:
      tb-set-ip-lan $node $mylan
      WARNING: We are no longer backwards compatible with the old tb command
      syntax.  The old syntax does not support any of the new changes and will
      break when #TB set-lan-loss or #TB set-ip-interface is used.
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      Fixed bug for links to lans. · b68577da
      Christopher Alfeld authored