1. 04 Feb, 2010 2 commits
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    • Leigh B Stoller's avatar
      Big cleanup of GeniComponent stuff. Moved Resolve() into GeniComponent · b63cb055
      Leigh B Stoller authored
      since it has to be aware of the CM version. Add a Version() call to
      GeniAuthority with goes asks the CM what version it is exporting.
      Based on that, we know how to do a resolve of a component. Refactored
      the code that was used in GeniAggregate when creating tunnels, since
      that is where we have to Resolve components. This also turns up in
      cooked mode.
      Continuine moving towards a urn-only world. If a GeniAuthority or a
      GeniComponent does not have the URN set locally in the DB, go back to
      the clearinghouse and get it. Error if it is not known, and go bang on
      the remote site to update and rerun register_resources.
  2. 03 Feb, 2010 2 commits
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      Add options to specify switches explicitly. · e25f7049
      Mike Hibler authored
      Mostly for our latest round of nodes since new switches are not yet part of
      the main stack.  However, this is probably a useful feature in general so
      that you don't bother to probe old switches where you know nothing is being
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      Add support for forced updates (incl. rebases) · d3a1ba3a
      Ryan Jackson authored
      Handle forced updates, including rebases.  git-cherry is used to
      determine if the commits pushed are present upstream (with a different
      hash) or not.  Ones already present are excluded from the commit mail
      since they haven't changed (i.e., they point to the same blobs the old
      ones did).  Ones not present are either new commits or modified commits.
      It's non-trivial to tell which is which, and we probably don't care
      anyway.  Added text to 'forced-update' email messages to state that the
      commits shown are only the new/modified ones and not all that were
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