1. 06 Mar, 2012 24 commits
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      Improve cross referencing between geni-cm and emulab datbases. · f1a659b8
      Leigh B Stoller authored
      Add a datetime form to the shownodehistory we page so that a testbed
      admin can plug in a specific date, and find out what that node was
      doing at the time. Changes in the backend (node_history script) to
      support this. Note that the table is hard to seach for such a case,
      and so need to let node_history do its thing and then port process the
      records list. Unfortunately, the timestamps are unsigned ints, but
      perl does not handle those properly, so had to pull in Math::BigInt to
      deal with it.
      On the output page, include a link to the genihistory page if a node
      was part of a slice.
      On the genihistory page, add a new argument, slice_uuid, to look for
      the records for a specific slice.
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      Couple of utility scripts to capture and restore XEN vms so that we · c159032d
      Leigh B Stoller authored
      can move them elsewhere.
      	capturevm.pl pcvmxxx-yy boss
      will create a directory called boss and take imagezips of all the lvms
      into that directory. A slightly modified xen config is written to the
      directory. The XEN VM should not be running of course, and the easiest
      way to stop it (without losing the disks) is:
      	/usr/local/etc/emulab/vnodesetup -jh pcvmxxx-yy
      Copy the directory someplace, and then run:
      	restorevm.pl boss /path/to/above/stuff
      which create new LVMs and then imageunzip the contents into them. A
      slightly modified xen config file is then written to /var/tmp, which
      can started with "xm create /var/tmp/boss.conf".
      No rocket science here, but this was the easiest way to get all the
      disks we create for XEN elabinelab, and since they can pretty big, we
      want to use imagezip.
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  8. 22 Feb, 2012 3 commits