1. 25 Apr, 2012 3 commits
  2. 24 Apr, 2012 7 commits
  3. 21 Apr, 2012 7 commits
  4. 20 Apr, 2012 3 commits
  5. 19 Apr, 2012 2 commits
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      Define some additional configure vars in the clientside configure. · 055bbb7c
      Mike Hibler authored
      Against my better judgement, use configure to set some vars in clientside
      scripts. I try to avoid this to keep our client images from becoming Utah
      This is specifically for run_linktest.pl.in, which is installed on both
      ops and nodes. I could fix it to not use configure vars on nodes, but that
      would break its primary use on ops.
      OTOH, I fixed elab_linktest.pl.in to not use configure variables, since
      it only runs on nodes.
    • Mike Hibler's avatar
      Fix build when WITH_CRYPTO==0 and openssl is not installed. · a090e8de
      Mike Hibler authored
      Previously, openssl had to be installed even with WITH_CRYPTO==0.
  6. 18 Apr, 2012 10 commits
  7. 17 Apr, 2012 8 commits