1. 11 Apr, 2003 8 commits
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      priveledges -> privileges · 9d13ddfa
      Chad Barb authored
      Yeah, it sounds right to me, too.
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      Don't nowrap the values. Some of them are long text messages that have to · 7004d906
      Mac Newbold authored
      wrap. Also spellchecked while I was in there.
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      · a0248828
      Chad Barb authored
      Added site variables ('sitevars').
      These are stored in the sitevariables database table.
      Each one has a name, a description (NOT OPTIONAL!), a
      default value, and a current value.
      If the current value is NULL, the default value is used.
      Soon, a mechanism will be added to the install process to
      ensure all needed site variables exist before installing;
      more on that when it is committed.
       - Added 'editsitevars.php3' page, accessable to admins
         via the 'Edit Site Variables' menu option.
       - Added 'setsitevar' script,
         an interface for listing, viewing in detail, and setting
         site variables.
       - Web interface now uses 'web/nologins' and 'web/message'
         instead of one-off database tables.
      NOTE that setting a variable to the default value and
      setting a variable to a value which is string-identical
      are NOT the same thing.
      (This doesn't matter yet, but when we push default values out to
       remote sites as part of our install, it will.)
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      Make swappability easy to toggle after expt creation. This hopefully will · 87045a9d
      Mac Newbold authored
      soon be used by admins only to grant swappability. For now, it is open to
      anyone who has expt modify access as well.
      The change is visible everywhere SHOWEXP is called, like showexp.php3 for
      Also introduced toggle.php, a generic toggle script, similar to
      adminmode.php, but useful for just about anything. To add something, just
      add it to the list, specify the valid values it can have, and add its
      permission check and action. Now you don't need a different php page for
      each toggle switch. This page is already set up to take over from
      adminmode.php, but I didn't change things over just yet.
      (Should this go in the changelog?)
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      Make a global ADMINMODE var, for use when you don't have a uid handy · ca0afe8a
      Mac Newbold authored
      to call ISADMIN(uid) with.
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      Add "sort by vname" for Mike (currently called only from showexp.php). · eb2cfc83
      Mac Newbold authored
      Sort by vname is now the default sort, and you can sort by node_id (the
      old sort), and by vname, by clicking on the column title, as usual.
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      Update stale info and URLs. · e8c9547c
      Jay Lepreau authored
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      Remove "Create and OS Descriptor" link for non-admins. Mere users do · 0112b0d5
      Leigh B. Stoller authored
      not ever need to create a OSID directly, so do not give them the link.
      Will need a mechanism to allow this later for Eric and others with a
      clue. Also add pointer to customos section of the tutorial at the top
      of the page.
  2. 10 Apr, 2003 1 commit
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  6. 04 Apr, 2003 6 commits
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      · 7f0fe4d5
      Chad Barb authored
      Axed a bunch of broken links.
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      · aaba6d77
      Chad Barb authored
      Fixed a few minor things:
        - Fixed so editing a message doesn't set its author as you.
        - Moved buttons above message body, to enable editing of
          message if it is messed up (since the message can contain
          arbitrary HTML which is served verbatim, and might be
          so bad as to render the edit button useless.)
        - Added quote sentinel  ("<!-- ' \" > message >")
          between messages so attributes without
          closing quotes don't screw up the page as bad;
          when rendered, message is shown which indicates
          an endquote is missing.
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      · c78d9503
      Chad Barb authored
      Added uid to generated date on pages, as per Leigh's request;
      When not logged in:
      "Generated <date>."
      When logged in:
      "Generated for <uid>, <date>."
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      · 72996a4d
      Chad Barb authored
      One order of "prominent Request Account link" comin' up....
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      Install doc/ChangeLog into www dir as ChangeLog.txt for inclusion into · 268f9fde
      Leigh B. Stoller authored
      the news page. Better than trying to keep Changelog.html in sync.
      Change docwrapper.php3 to treat .txt files as special so that they are
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      Add "Address Line 2", City, State, and Zip as independent entities, · 5e38412f
      Leigh B. Stoller authored
      finally! These have been in the DB for a long time, but never used.
      As Eric pointed out, its easier to get realistic address info from
      people if we provide the right forms. The downside is that all current
      users will have to adjust their info the next time they edit their
      info. Thats okay. I thought about forcing all users to do it the next
      time they log in, but I figured people would scream.
  7. 03 Apr, 2003 6 commits
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      · 7052d029
      Chad Barb authored
      Did some editing,
      and incorporated recent changes in group mechanism.
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      Oops, forgot some vertical whitespace. · 1e967eed
      Robert Ricci authored
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      · fbf11432
      Chad Barb authored
      New 'blog-like news system.
      Should make it easier to keep up with news updates!
        1. Doesn't require editing news.html in the CVS tree and
           recopying it/reinstalling just to add a news item.
        2. Doesn't involve editing menu.php3,
           since the modified date and "new" icon is automatic now.
        3. Looks nicer.
      Also, it is based off the db, so other sites can have other news,
      which they can maintain independently.
      There are of course, neat features that have been suggested that
      could go with this, such as message updates and automatic
      mailing list mailings of news, but those don't exist yet...
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      · 765de560
      Chad Barb authored
      Added new feature 'Experiment Modify'.
      Now available (to admins only for now) from the showexp page.
      Warning! doing a modify which alters the topology will probably
      require a "reboot all nodes" afterwards.
      (There will be a checkbox soon in the modify experiment page.)
      Adding/removing delay nodes seems to work fine without reboots, though.
      Warning! If the new version of the experiment cannot be mapped
       (not enough nodes available, for instance) the experiment will be
       swapped out! This will get fixed later.
      Prerun backs up the experiment topology, so using a bad NS
      file doesn't result in experiment termination.
      As part of this, added library functions to libdb to
      delete, backup, and restore both virtual and physical experiment state.
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      Commit more text. · 950c0048
      Leigh B. Stoller authored
  8. 02 Apr, 2003 2 commits
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      · 12f70d03
      Chad Barb authored
      Site-specific header graphic for gatech.
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      Massive reworking of our structure for defs files. · 09eb5852
      Mac Newbold authored
      The main defs file (ie for configure) had an entry for WWWDEFS that
      pointed to a <@WWWDEFS@>-defs.php3 file in the www/ directory. The www
      defs file loaded some values about web pages, URLs, and some web
      configuration parameters.
      Anything that was only in the www defs file was not accessible in the rest
      of the universe (ie perl, C, and any other non-web-page scripts). For
      instance, you couldn't have a perl script send an email to a user with a
      link to the web site.
      Nuke all the www-defs files, move any important values into the main
      configure, and change the web defs infrastructure to respect that. This
      also meant adding about 3 lines each to all of the configure defs files.
      (There really are about 10 new values you can change in your defs file,
      but in almost all cases, the default values are the right thing.)
      External sites will need to move a few variables from their www-defs file
      into their configure defs file. The example file should make it pretty
      obvious. They may also want to customize some of the other vars that are
      mentioned in configure.in and www/defs.php3.in .