1. 23 Sep, 2004 2 commits
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      Add a "kernel rename" script for Linux which reruns LILO if the · 97f3da16
      Mike Hibler authored
      file /var/emulab/boot/runlilo exists.  This is used for post-diskload
      configuration.  The rc.frisbee script modifies the lilo.conf file if
      necessary (for disk types other than IDE) and touches the runlilo file.
      So next time Linux boots, it will re-run lilo and get everything in synch.
      So how do we boot Linux the first time before lilo has been rerun?
      I'm glad you asked!  rc.frisbee also runs the magic groklilo program which
      knows how to set the one-time command line in LILO.  We use this to set
      "root=802" or whatever to make it boot that first time.
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