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      Resurrect/enhance delta image code. Another multi-day "one hour hack"! · 49d2f488
      Mike Hibler authored
      Resurrect: get the basic signature matching code working again.
      Enhance: add -U option to have imagezip update (or create) the
      signature file. Previously, the signature file was created off-line
      on boss with the imagehash command (that would be Mike's "imagehash"
      (/usr/testbed/bin/imagehash) and not Leigh's "imagehash"
      (/usr/testbed/sbin/imagehash)). Creating it as we create the image
      makes a lot of sense...except for how we do it. We actually read and
      create the hashes as a separate pass before we re-read, compress, and
      create the image--so we read the disk twice. [This is primarily because we
      are mooching off of the existing hash checking code (-H option). Doing
      this right will require re-writing The Big Loop which makes a single
      pass through the data, simultaneously dealing with disk IO, allocated
      ranges, and compression blocks all of which have different size/alignment
      criteria. But I digress...] Anyway, reading the disk data twice sucks,
      but at least it is on the client and not on boss. The take away is:
      don't create your images on pc600s.
      Note that -U will always create a signature file for the complete disk
      or partition even when you are creating a delta image (i.e., when combined
      with -H).
      Enhance: add "-P <pct>" option, used with -H, which tells imagezip that if
      a resulting delta image would be over <pct> percent the size (where size
      is number of uncompressed sectors in the image) of a full image, then just
      create a full image instead. So "-P 50" says if it would be over half the
      size, "-P 200" says if it was over twice the size, etc. If you always want
      a delta image to be produced, use -H without -P. If you always want a full
      image, don't use -H.
      This is part 2 of supporting images. Part 1 is the DB and user interface
      changes that Leigh is working on. Part 3 is next up and involves modifying
      the image creation MFS to download and use signatures along with the
      new imagezip when creating images. Stay tuned.
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      Call libosload directly rather than invoking os_load script. · 361c7d7f
      Mike Hibler authored
      This is not so much for efficiency but because it gives us more precise
      knowledge about failures. Previously, if one node in the batch sent to
      os_load failed, we didn't know which one so we had to assume all failed
      and go back and reload them again. Granted, this situation was one that
      "should not happen", but it does happen quite a lot, at least now when
      we have flaky (IPMI) power control.
      Also, brought some uniformity to the messages printed out; ie., print
      a freakin timestamp already!
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