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      Separate user vs admin lockdown, previously they were intertwined. · 8e88917e
      Leigh B Stoller authored
      User lockdown is as before, user can override that on the terminate
      page. Admin lockdown is like Classic lockdown; the flag must be cleared
      before the experiment can be terminated, there is no override on the
      termination page.
      UI changes on the status and admin extend page for the additional
      flag (instead of a single lockdown, there are now two).
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      Two changes: · 5419a717
      Leigh B Stoller authored
      1. Add a Reload icon on the Graphs tab, to reload the cluster data and
         redraw the graphs.
      2. Implement a Reload Topology function, with button on status page, to
         sync the portal topology with the clusters current manifests. Currently
         available to studly users only. This closes ticket #92.
  14. 01 Jun, 2016 1 commit
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      Several sets of changes scattered across all these files. · 0f4a4dfb
      Leigh B Stoller authored
      * More on issue #54; watch for openstack experiments and try to download
        the new openstack stats file via the fast XMLRPC path. Show this as a
        text blob in a new tab on the status page, still need to graph the data.
        The apt_daemon handles the periodic request for the data (every 10
        minutes), which we store in the apt_instances table.
      * Addition for Rob on the admin extend page; Add a "more info" button that
        sends the contents of the text box as an email message requesting more
        info and stores that in the ongoing interaction log. Responses from the
        user are not stored though, might look at that someday.
      * Another addition for Rob; on the extensions list page, also show expired,
        locked down experiments. Note the sorting; at the top of the list are
        actual extension request (status='ready') while the bottom of the list
        are status='expired'.
      * Add a "graphs" tab to the status page, which shows the same idle stats
        graphs that were added to the admin extend page. Most of this change is
        refactoring the code and sharing it between the two pages.
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      More changes as discussed in #62; the main change in this commit is the · ec52cc89
      Leigh B Stoller authored
      switch to new admin extend page that includes more summary and utilization
      and cluster info, to make it easier to determine the merits of a particular
      extension. As part of this change, extension are now first class objects
      associated with a instance (mostly a convenience, better then the ongoing
      text field, which was annoying to do anything interesting with).
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      Two unrelated changes. · 6762e839
      Leigh B Stoller authored
      1. Use information from sliverstatus to indicate that nodes have startup
         execution services running, and then tell then when they have finished,
         and they exited with non-zero status, indicate that they failed. We also
         hold saying the "ready" in the upper panel until all the services have
         exited, we say "booted" instead, and also say that nodes are running
         startup services.
      2. For snapshot, when we know an image has to be copied back to its origin
         cluster, tell the web interface, so that we can add another step to the
         imaging modal ("copying"). We know the copy is done when the origin
         cluster has posted the new image data to the IMS, so we do an additional
         poll in the backend waiting for the image server to get the data, and
         then we mark the image as ready for use.
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      Improvements to admin extend: · 7564c408
      Leigh B Stoller authored
      1. Provide text box to add to email message that is sent to user.
      2. Track outstanding admin required requests, add a Deny button for those.
      3. Add option to experiment listing for admins, to see outstanding admin
         required approval.
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      Several changes: · 1e5b0c88
      Leigh B Stoller authored
      * Add a "lockout" checkbox to the red-dot instance view. When checked it
        prevents all future extension requests (no pad time granted either). This
        is an active checkbox; backend ajax call when you check/uncheck.
      * Add Created to the instance view panel.
      * Most of the snapshot node changes, but hidden for now until I get more
        testing done. This includes the modal and ajax changes, but not the
        backend changes (still in my devel tree).
      * Minor changes to date formatting.
      * More details in the extension email.
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