1. 25 Mar, 2005 5 commits
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      Okay, I think I am finally done with WikiWhacking (or WhackingTheWiki?) · 90dcbbe2
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      for the near future. Two big changes:
      * Add WikiOnly accounts. An external user can register for an account on
        the wiki. Rather then use the registration stuff that comes with TWiki,
        redirect to new Emulab web page so we can manage all of the wiki accounts
        from one place. I modified the joinproject page to spit out a subset of
        the required fields so that its simple to get a wiki only account (just a
        few things to fill in).
        In keeping with current security practices, we still generate a
        verification email message to ensure the email address works. However,
        when the user completes the verification, the wiki account is created right
        away, rather then waiting for someone to approve it (since that would
        defeat the entire point of the wiki).
        Aside: I have not thought much about the conversion from a wiki-only
        account to a real account. That is going to happen, and it would be nice
        if that step did not require one of use to go in and hack the DB. Will
        cross that moat later.
        Aside: Rather beat up on the modify user info page too much, I continue
        to spit out the same form, but mark most of the fields as not required,
        and allow wiki-only people to not specify them.
      * Both the joinproject and newproject pages sport a new WikiName field so
        that users can select their own WikiName. I added some JavaScript to
        both pages that generate a suitable wikiname from the FullName field, so
        that as soon as the user clicks out of the FullName, a default wikiname is
        inserted in the field.
        Both pages verify the wikinames by checking to make sure it is not
        already in use, and that it meets the WikiRules for WikiTopic names.
        (someone please shoot me if I continue to use WikiNotation).
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      Minor formatting tweaks and fixes. · 1b22ebcc
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      Commit final version of wikisetup, which is used to initialize the · 0f86b38d
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      wiki pages for projects and users on an existing testbed. This
      assumes I can easily partition the actual twiki code into a
      distribution that we can give people. I haven't really thought much
      about that, but I assume its not too hard.
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      Move the permission notes into separate wiki "include" files so that I · ee499cb1
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      do not replicate the notes into 1200 files (and of course, so we
      easily change the notes later).
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