1. 20 Sep, 2005 4 commits
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      Checkpoint Chat Support stuff; mostly working but still needs work. · 90cdfb60
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      Ready for local people to play with.
      The current implementation is that we munge the mysql DB on ops directly,
      underneath jabberd. We add/del users from the authreg table, and set up
      buddy lists in the roster-items and roster-groups tables. modgroups will
      invoke the modjabberbuddies whenever a user is added or removed from a
      group, although currently I am building buddy lists for just the top level
      The "My IM" link in the collaboration menu will tell the user their
      jabber ID on the Emulab chat server (jabber.emulab.net) and also give
      them their plain text password to plug into their chat client.
      I also installed a java applet (Jeti) that is a simple chat client that
      I found off the jabberware page. Like all applets, it exhibits a degree
      of flakiness, but I really do not expect too many people to use it.
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      When removing a user from a project, let new modgroups script do most · bd9aff96
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      of the work (consolodating group_membership mods in one place).
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      Move all modification of the group_membership table to the backend, · 113bacef
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      into a single new script call modgroups. Usage:
       	modgroups [-a pid:gid:trust[,pid:gid:trust]...]
                          [-m pid:gid:trust[,pid:gid:trust]...]
                          [-r pid:gid[,pid:gid]...] user
      So, -a to add groups, -r to remove groups, and -m to modify the trust
      value for a member of a group.
      The reason for doing this is that previously, we had no idea in the
      backend what group changes actually happened; we just knew what the
      current groups are. This make it hard to add and remove users from
      mailing lists, chat server buddy lists, etc. This is cleaner ...
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