1. 02 Aug, 2006 1 commit
  2. 01 Aug, 2006 3 commits
  3. 31 Jul, 2006 1 commit
  4. 28 Jul, 2006 5 commits
  5. 27 Jul, 2006 4 commits
  6. 26 Jul, 2006 6 commits
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      · 9237c34b
      Kevin Atkinson authored
      Fix syntax error.
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      · cbf3c5d4
      Kevin Atkinson authored
      swapexp: The previous commit, witch added a message about the recovery
      action when a swap-modify failed to the top of the email, did not
      catch all of the possible cases.  Added the case when the experiment is
      not swapped in.
      os_setup: Refactored/rewrote os_setup error summary code.  Distinguish
      the case when nodes fail to properly load the os and when the don't
      boot after loading the os.
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      · 23a61519
      Kevin Atkinson authored
      Fix bug in libosload when there is an image problem.  The code that checks
      if there is an image problem is part of the code that looks up information
      on the image.  The problem is that this info is catched so that the next
      time this info is looked up the checks are not performed.  Thus, libosload
      will attempt to load the image even though there is a problem with the
      image.  This will often lead to obscure error messages.  Fixed by using a
      special value for when there is a problem with the image.
      Fix bug when an experiment has more than 1 image type to load.  Only the
      results from one of the image loads will be properly recognized. The
      others will be ignored.  This is because the the same file handle is being
      used for all the children due to the use of a global file handle glob.
      Fixed by changing the glob to a variable and using "new IO::Handle" to
      create a new handle for each child.
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  7. 25 Jul, 2006 8 commits
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  10. 20 Jul, 2006 4 commits
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      · a6351f3c
      Kirk Webb authored
      Change user that receives slice email from the head of the experiment to
      the experiment swapper.
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      · 42c70446
      Kirk Webb authored
      Users that create Planetlab experiments will now get email coming back via
      the emulabman@emulab.net alias.  The technique is simple:  stash away the
      experiment head uid in a file corresponding to the slice's name over in
      ops:/etc/mail/plab-slice-addrs.  The silly procmail config file I've committed
      here reads this file (if it exists) and forwards mail to the user's email addr
      contained therein if the incoming message contains the name of their slice.
      There is no install target for this procmail filter;
      I hand installed it and hooked it in.
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      Fix up node_type_attributes query. · da53aef3
      Leigh B. Stoller authored
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