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      Sigh... · a071e63f
      Mike Hibler authored
      Yet another version of the enter/exit scripts to get DHCP to work both
      regular- and elabinelab-wise.  For regular experiments, nothing has changed.
      New strategy for inner elab nodes: if we get a reply with dns server
      (our current indication that the responder is real boss), then we know this
      interface is the real control net.  So we hardwire the speed/duplex on
      *every other* interface at this time.  Also had to resurrect a hack to
      issue a few tmcc calls before running the sethostname script.  Apparently,
      the first few DNS queries after a speed/duplex change may get lost.  This
      causes tmcd calls to fail occasionally.  So make em fail early before we
      try to do anything important.
      Yuk, yuk, yuk.
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      dhclient changes for ElabInElab. The crux of this is that inner · 3afcab05
      Leigh B. Stoller authored
      nodes are treated specially. For inner boss/ops, ignore most of what
      DHCPD returns; we need to do the DHCP so that we know what interface,
      but for the moment stuff is hardwired into /etc/rc.conf when the inner
      boss and ops are created. I can probably fix this up later as needed,
      to be more dynamic for supporting swapout/swapin of an inner emulab,
      but swapout and restore of an inner elab has som many open issues,
      that not worrying about it now.
      For inner nodes, the change is simple; If no hostname provided, ignore
      the DHCPD reply completely, favoring a full reply from the inner
      control network, and returning -1 from the exit hook so that dhclient
      keeps trying in the foreground.
      I am committing these so they get into new images.