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      Pass through bootinfo flags on tmcc "bootwhat" command. · 3ca3abf6
      Mike Hibler authored
      bootwhat will now return a FLAGS=%d value corresponding to the flags
      field in the boot_what struct.
      NOTE: THIS REQUIRED A TMCD VERSION BUMP. We are now at version 35.
      The issue was backward compatibility with existing CD/dongle boot images
      which are overly strict in their parsing of the returned bootwhat values.
      Added a new boot_what flag (the whole point of this) to signify if the
      entity being returned is part of the "secure boot" path. This is used
      by the gPXE dongle to determine whether it needs to do a trusted boot
      path "sign-off" for the MFS it downloads. We used to use the name of
      the MFS as our heuristic for this.
      bootinfo uses the new tbdb.os_info osfeature "ontrustedboot" to determine
      whether to set the flag.
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      Couple of utility scripts to capture and restore XEN vms so that we · c159032d
      Leigh B Stoller authored
      can move them elsewhere.
      	capturevm.pl pcvmxxx-yy boss
      will create a directory called boss and take imagezips of all the lvms
      into that directory. A slightly modified xen config is written to the
      directory. The XEN VM should not be running of course, and the easiest
      way to stop it (without losing the disks) is:
      	/usr/local/etc/emulab/vnodesetup -jh pcvmxxx-yy
      Copy the directory someplace, and then run:
      	restorevm.pl boss /path/to/above/stuff
      which create new LVMs and then imageunzip the contents into them. A
      slightly modified xen config file is then written to /var/tmp, which
      can started with "xm create /var/tmp/boss.conf".
      No rocket science here, but this was the easiest way to get all the
      disks we create for XEN elabinelab, and since they can pretty big, we
      want to use imagezip.
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      BIG reorganization of the install code. · 82e1d812
      Leigh B Stoller authored
      * Split up boss/ops/fs install into indvidual modules; generally, what
        was a toplevel phase in the original files is not a file. This
        allowed for better code/variable reuse. No longer monolithic, which
        makes it easy to test and rerun parts.
      * Incorporate "update" into the install process. Certain phase file
        can be used in update mode, as when the IP/subnet/domain changes.
      * Moved the MFS setup from rc.mkelab into the normal install process.
        Users no longer have to do this themselves. Good thing.
      * installvars.pm is a new library that has the merged set of the
        zillion variables that were at the top of boss/fs/ops install.
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      Add the "-s slice" option to the Linux version of mkextrafs.pl. · 54f08ddf
      Mike Hibler authored
      So we can specify a different slice (partition) to create the filesystem on.
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      Add a VGAONLY attribute to the post-frisbee customization. · 53d43153
      Mike Hibler authored
      This is for BSD, so that we can tweak the default /boot/loader.conf file
      to turn off "comconsole" on machines that don't have a UART.
      In my experience, trying to probe the UART on newer machines that don't
      have one causes a kernel crash.
      Currently this attribute is just signalled by the existance of the
      /etc/testbed/isvgaonly file in the diskloader MFS. But this will be
      eventually sent over via "tmcc loadinfo" so that we can set the attribute
      on a per-node-type or per-node basis.
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