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      Make our systemd fstab-generator work with (bad?) systemds. · 58a03627
      David Johnson authored
      It seems that some systemds (i.e. 219) cannot handle by-uuid unitfile
      names (although they are happy to print them out via systemctl
      list-units).  So, in one place in the fstab-generator, just use the raw
      device naming convention.  systemd doesn't care what we use.  From the
        Ok, don't use the by-uuid method (dev-disk-by\\x2duuid-${transuuid}.swap).
        It seems to me that the vintage of systemd on Centos7
        (i.e. 219) doesn't correctly process dev-by-uuid filenames nor
        unitnames (even systemctl status <blah>, where <blah> is a
        by-uuid unit name reported by systemctl list-units, does not
        work!).  systemd 229 on Ubuntu seems happy to use the by-uuid
        unitfilename we generated above.
      (Perhaps I should have done this in all places in this script, but I
      didn't for now :(.  I believe my by-uuid encoding is correct, and I
      really don't want to rock a mostly-working boat.  This fix is enough for
      all the cases we have, I hope.)
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      Workaround smart dhclient on centos7; fixes #54. · 095f2ce1
      David Johnson authored
      From the comments:
        Work around dhclient-scripts that forcibly set preferred_lft and
        valid_lft.  We cannot override the lease time sent from the server
        with a real infinite value (our best bet would be UINT32_MAX, and that
        sucks), so we intercept dhclient's name for the new lease time it's
        about to feed to the ip command.  Does this suck any less?  We cannot
        ex post facto run `ip addr change ...` just to reset the preferred_lft
        and valid_lft fields to "forever"; that seems to be tightly coupled
        with assigning an address to an interface (and we don't want to re-add
        the address; that is the whole point of dhclient-script!).  (Some
        dhclients also do not process "expire never" in dhclient.conf
        correctly, so this is what we are left with!)
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