1. 08 Aug, 2006 7 commits
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      · 19616c33
      Kirk Webb authored
      bah, fix to the fix.
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      · 4b477246
      Kirk Webb authored
      A few little things:
      * Minor bugfix to node_type_attributes mod.
      * When we don't recognize the gateway, set type to "*Unknown*".  Should
        have always been doing this.
      * Add NLR gateway - new nodes detected here will be set to pcplabinet2,
        but this could easily be changed.
  4. 03 Aug, 2006 10 commits
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      Typo, and add a link. · af9285c6
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      Tweaks. · 1fbf0f40
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      Continuing evolution. · b94fa7d5
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      Document new Windows images. · 43e17f90
      Russ Fish authored
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      · 38c27731
      Kirk Webb authored
      Switch to using GNU tar ('gtar').  This must have been the default tar for
      FBSD 4.X since options are missing from the tar in FBSD 6.X
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      initial checkin · 8cf4bd58
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      initial checkin. · 3edf8fe1
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      Support for capturing the trace data that is stored in the pcal files · 4ce9c421
      Leigh B. Stoller authored
      into per-experiment databases on ops. Additional support for reconsituting
      those databases back into temporary databases on ops, for post processing.
      * This revision relies on the "snort" port (/usr/ports/security/snort)
        to read the pcap files and load them into a database. The schema is
        probably not ideal, but its better then nothing. See the file
        ops:/usr/local/share/examples/snort/create_mysql for the schema.
      * For simplicity, I have hooked into loghole, which already had all
        the code for downloading the trace data. I added some new methods to
        the XMLRPC server for loghole to use, to get the users DB password
        and the name of the per-experiment database. There is a new slot in
        the traces table that indicates that the trace should be snorted to
        its DB. In case you forgot, at the end of a run or when the instance
        is swapped out, loghole is run to download the trace data.
      * For reconsituting, there are lots of additions to opsdb_control and
        opsdb_control.proxy to create "temporary" databases and load them
        from a dump file that is stored in the archive. I've added a button
        to the Template Record page, inappropriately called "Analyze" since
        right now all it does is reconsitute the trace data into a DB on
        Currently, the only indication of what has been done (the name of
        the DBs created on ops) is the log email that the user gets. A
        future project is tell the user this info in the web interface.
      * To turn on database capturing of trace data, do this in your NS
      	set link0 ...
      	$link0 trace
      	$link0 trace_snaplen 128
      	$link0 trace_db 1
         the increase in snaplen is optional, but a good idea if you want
         snort to undertand more then just ip headers.
      * Also some changes to the parser to allow plain experiments to take
        advantage of all this stuff. To simple get yourself a per-experiment
        DB, put this in your NS file:
      	tb-set-dpdb 1
        however, anytime you turn trace_db on for a link or lan, you
        automatically get a per-experiment DB.
      * To capture the trace data to the DB, you can run loghole by hand:
      	loghole sync -s
        the -s option turns on the "post-process" phase of loghole.
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  10. 26 Jul, 2006 3 commits
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      · 9237c34b
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      Fix syntax error.
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      · cbf3c5d4
      Kevin Atkinson authored
      swapexp: The previous commit, witch added a message about the recovery
      action when a swap-modify failed to the top of the email, did not
      catch all of the possible cases.  Added the case when the experiment is
      not swapped in.
      os_setup: Refactored/rewrote os_setup error summary code.  Distinguish
      the case when nodes fail to properly load the os and when the don't
      boot after loading the os.