1. 10 May, 2007 2 commits
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      Add mbr version number to images table. This "should" be a GUID, but I view · 201fa699
      Mike Hibler authored
      this as a temporary measure.
      Also, renumber the last few database-migrate entries, there was a missing
      number and things had gotten out of sync with database-create.
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      First step is allowing a different "standard" disk layout: · b0e86d9b
      Mike Hibler authored
       * Somewhere in the DB, probably images, we will store the MBR "version"
         required by a partition (non-whole-disk) image.  This info will be
         passed to the client (us).
       * We use this info to install the correct MBR on the disk before starting
         frisbee.  The various MBRs (all two of them) will be stored in the
         frisbee MFS since they are only 512 bytes each.
      This checkin handles the client-side of things and is backward compatible
      (i.e., assumes MBR version 1 if nothing is passed).
      One immediate benefit is that this will allow us to install a partition
      image on a new (or otherwise MBR-free) disk, as it detects the case of no
      MBR and installs one.