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    • Kevin Atkinson's avatar
      Bug Fix. · 541d56bc
      Kevin Atkinson authored
      Got comparison backwards when checking file date against
      HTTP_IF_MODIFIED_SINCE in fetch-vis.
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      Finish up user deletion. The big visible change is that when a user is · 2965922b
      Leigh B Stoller authored
      deleted, they still remain in the user table with a status of
      "archived", but since all the queries in the system now use uid_idx
      instead of uid, it is safe to reuse a uid since they are no longer
      The reason for not deleting users from the users table is so that the
      stats records can refer to the original record (who was that person
      named "mike"). This is very handy and worth the additional effort it
      has taken.
      There is no way to ressurect a user, but it would not be hard to add.
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    • Kevin Atkinson's avatar
      Make project approval mail truly anonymous. Also make membership · 503bb661
      Kevin Atkinson authored
      acceptance email truly anonymous.  A few other emails related to
      project membership are still not anonymous though.  New function
      AnonSENDMAIL in libtestbed which will try to make sure there is no
      trace of the current user in the mail sent.
      For now, stop sending membership approval related email to the project
      admin list since this will also go to testbed-approval.  There is also
      some code to remove testbed-approval from the proj-admin list after
      the acceptance email but this is disabled for now since some times people
      reply to the approval email.
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      Implemt FS#187 -- Show admin history of projects: · 8054f5f8
      Kevin Atkinson authored
        When a project is initially created a new mailing list is created,
        testbed-approval is subscribed to the list
        Several emails that originally went to testbed-approval now go to the
        mailing list instead.  The From, To, fields are basically the same
        with testbed-approval becoming PROJ-admin.  This means some mail
        is sent with a From PROJ-admin and Bcc the mailing list.  Note that
        some mail still goes to testbed-approval directly, in particular
        ones where there is no clear project involved, and when a project is
        In addition notifications of approval status of new members is also
        sent to the list.  These emails use to only go to testbed-audit@.
        Currently All mail sent to PROJ-admin is also sent to testbed-audit
        (via a Bcc).  This means that some mail that didn't use to go to
        testbed-audit now does.
        The mailing list is deleted when a project is deleted with out first
        being approved.  Becuase o...
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