1. 15 Feb, 2005 8 commits
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      · 832dd9ec
      Kirk Webb authored
      Have tbuisp wait for the stargate to finish rebooting to prevent a
      subnode->node race while reloading.
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      Add robot_id field to the telemetry packet · d72e1966
      Timothy Stack authored
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      Removed · 9827f5cc
      Timothy Stack authored
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      · 585c40c5
      Timothy Stack authored
      Robot stuff:
      	* robots/emc/emcd.c: Send an event containing battery levels when
      	a telemetry packet comes in from rmcd.
      	* robots/emc/loclistener.in: Update battery stats.
      	* robots/mtp/mtp.x: Add robot_id field to telemetry structure.
      	* robots/mtp/*.java: Regenerate jrpcgen stubs.
      	* robots/primotion/garcia-pilot.cc: Send telemetry to rmcd every
      	* robots/primotion/pilotClient.cc: Broadcast contact reports to
      	all clients.
      	* robots/rmcd/pilotConnection.c: Resend telemetry packets from
      	pilot to emcd.
      	* tbsetup/tbrsync.in: Wait for the node to come up before doing
      	the rsync.
      	* www/garcia-telemetry.jar: Removed.
      	* www/mtp.jar: Regenerated.
      	* www/telemetry.php3: Make the applet window a little bigger.
      	* www/garcia-telemetry/GNUmakefile.in: Don't put the jar in the
      	source tree.
      	* www/thinlet.jar, www/garcia-telemetry/GarciaTelemetry.java,
      	www/garcia-telemetry/main.xml: Switch to the homegrown version of
      	thinlet and add contact report packets to the log.
      	* www/tutorial/mobilewireless.php3: Spell check.
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      Merge in the LINE_PATH_PLANNING branch · 9020980f
      Timothy Stack authored
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      Add note about users needing to request access to the mobile testbed · 3c3631d9
      Timothy Stack authored
      before they can use it.  Change the hours the lab is open to 8am-6pm.
  2. 14 Feb, 2005 15 commits
  3. 12 Feb, 2005 2 commits
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      · f14bfb3e
      Kirk Webb authored
      If WINSUPPORT isn't set, don't try generating/updating the samba shares.
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      · dede658b
      Kirk Webb authored
      Fixed up ops-install for new way of handling smb.conf file.  We copy in an
      smb.conf.head file now, and copy that to smb.conf initially on ops.
      exports_setup[.proxy] takes care of updating the share permissions for
      samba dynamically.
  4. 11 Feb, 2005 12 commits
  5. 10 Feb, 2005 3 commits