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      Initial version of delay web control. · dd27f82a
      Chad Barb authored
      Functional, but needs some work.
      Won't allow non-admins to use it (since it doesn't do "proper" permission checking yet.)
      Input is aggressively checked for bad mojo before being pasted into any command line.
      Run from /delaycontrol.php3?eid=exptname&pid=projname
      Admin bit must be on.
  6. 28 Sep, 2002 1 commit
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      · a1a26932
      Chad Barb authored
      - Increased the point penalty for using a link
        which is marked as -1 ("not-connected") in the physical matrix.
        (Was 10,000; is now 100,000.)
      - Now we actually report an error, and return errorcode 6,
        if the final reported solution uses any not-connected links.
    • Mac Newbold's avatar
      Remove -e flag from calls to power. node_reboot sends an event only when ssh... · 8b23d335
      Mac Newbold authored
      Remove -e flag from calls to power. node_reboot sends an event only when ssh reboot or ipod are successful in rebooting the node, and only calls power when they are not successful. So an event should be sent by power every time node_reboot calls it. This explains some of the problems we were having with tons of email from stated about invalid transitions: since the state changes weren't always happening, it appeared to skip over states.
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    • Leigh B. Stoller's avatar
    • Leigh B. Stoller's avatar
      Reorg of working directory and log file stuff for start/swap/end · 533dc18f
      Leigh B. Stoller authored
      experiment. Here is mail to tbops:
      * Moved the working directory for experiment setup/swap/end to a new
        directory located on boss instead of over NFS to /proj/$pid/$eid. This
        new location is /usr/testbed/expwork/$pid/$eid.
      * Changed the name of the directories we create in /usr/testbed/expinfo to
        $pid-$eid.$index where $index is a new autoincrement field in the DB
        table. I really hated the names that were created before.
      * Changed where logs are written from /tmp to the new location in
      Okay, why.
      * We no longer operate on NFS mounted directories that might hang. Its
        easier to catch the situation where a copy of the log file over at the
        end of experiment creation fails cause of an NFS problem.
      * We no longer have user writable files that are inputs to other parts of
        the system (like top and ptop files).  Not that a user would be bad, but
        it closes a hole.
      * We no longer copy user writable files from /proj to boss where we might
        fill up an important filesystem cause the user put a .ndz file in the the
        working directory. Not that a user would be bad, but it closes a hole.
      * Its easier to save all the log files this way, for each swap in and
      * Removing a directory over NFS is a royal irritant when someone is CD'ed
        into that directory or looking at a file on the other side (the astute
        observer will peg this as the reason I went down this idiotic path in the
        first place!).
      * About 6 other reasons that I can no longer remember. Seriously, I really
        had more reasons I can no longer remember! :-)
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    • Leigh B. Stoller's avatar
      Turn off SFS stuff until fixed. · 2bc4b01e
      Leigh B. Stoller authored
    • Austin Clements's avatar
      Generate SFS keys for new users. · ba62c306
      Austin Clements authored
    • Leigh B. Stoller's avatar
      libdb: Add a couple of support routines to update the account_update · a9909c42
      Leigh B. Stoller authored
      flag in the nodes table when a user changes his info. Two routines,
      one to do it by type (as for widearea nodes) and another to do it by
      project (as for local) nodes. This last is kinda inefficient, but
      probably not too big a deal.
      mkacct: Two changes.
      1. Use the above changes in libdb when a user changes his info. With
         this change, no longer need to do an account update in the
         experiment page for the ron/wa nodes. The nodes are marked as
         needing the update in mkacct, based on the nodes the user has
         access to. Note, this change applies only to widearea nodes; still
         need to use the update option in the experiment menu for local
         nodes, although I plan to change that to at some point by adding a
         watchdog on the local nodes.
      2. ssh2 key support. The DB can now store both ssh1 and ssh2 keys,
         however those keys are handled differently when creating the auth
         keys files for users. There are actually two files created now, the
         second being the ssh2 key file call authorized_keys2. This change
         is mirrored in the client side code as well.
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