1. 15 Sep, 2014 10 commits
  2. 12 Sep, 2014 12 commits
  3. 11 Sep, 2014 5 commits
  4. 10 Sep, 2014 3 commits
  5. 09 Sep, 2014 8 commits
  6. 08 Sep, 2014 2 commits
    • Kirk Webb's avatar
      Fix openflow support test in snmpit_hp module · 6185bd1e
      Kirk Webb authored
      Perl's SNMP library returns no error, but sets the return value to
      "NOSUCHOBJECT" when an invalid OID is queried.  That must have changed
      at some point after the test in snmpit_hp was written. So, compensate.
    • Mike Hibler's avatar
      Detect the case where time goes backward and force an event cache update. · 38d6d20a
      Mike Hibler authored
      If someone resets the clock after bootinfo starts running, then the
      time stamp in the cache keeping track of the last time an event was sent
      from a node will suddenly be in the (potentially far distant) future
      and we will stop sending events for a (potentially long) time.