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    • Leigh B. Stoller's avatar
      Reorg of working directory and log file stuff for start/swap/end · 533dc18f
      Leigh B. Stoller authored
      experiment. Here is mail to tbops:
      * Moved the working directory for experiment setup/swap/end to a new
        directory located on boss instead of over NFS to /proj/$pid/$eid. This
        new location is /usr/testbed/expwork/$pid/$eid.
      * Changed the name of the directories we create in /usr/testbed/expinfo to
        $pid-$eid.$index where $index is a new autoincrement field in the DB
        table. I really hated the names that were created before.
      * Changed where logs are written from /tmp to the new location in
      Okay, why.
      * We no longer operate on NFS mounted directories that might hang. Its
        easier to catch the situation where a copy of the log file over at the
        end of experiment creation fails cause of an NFS problem.
      * We no longer have user writable files that are inputs to other parts of
        the system (like top and ptop files).  Not that a user would be bad, but
        it closes a hole.
      * We no longer copy user writabl...
  5. 20 Aug, 2002 2 commits
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      Get rid of that ANNOYING extra 1 second delay that all scripts were · a79c7d34
      Leigh B. Stoller authored
      exhibiting. Sheesh!
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      libdb: Add a couple of support routines to update the account_update · a9909c42
      Leigh B. Stoller authored
      flag in the nodes table when a user changes his info. Two routines,
      one to do it by type (as for widearea nodes) and another to do it by
      project (as for local) nodes. This last is kinda inefficient, but
      probably not too big a deal.
      mkacct: Two changes.
      1. Use the above changes in libdb when a user changes his info. With
         this change, no longer need to do an account update in the
         experiment page for the ron/wa nodes. The nodes are marked as
         needing the update in mkacct, based on the nodes the user has
         access to. Note, this change applies only to widearea nodes; still
         need to use the update option in the experiment menu for local
         nodes, although I plan to change that to at some point by adding a
         watchdog on the local nodes.
      2. ssh2 key support. The DB can now store both ssh1 and ssh2 keys,
         however those keys are handled differently when creating the auth
         keys files for users. There are actually two files created ...
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    • Mac Newbold's avatar
      Several small but much-needed changes to idle detection. Soon I'll · d5bf0bdb
      Mac Newbold authored
      give this stuff a major overhaul when we move to the model where we
      have data on when each node was last "touched" or actively used. (Most
      of these changes will still be relevant.)
      1. Fix a bug in idlecheck that we didn't really thing much about. It
      turns out that the WanSpread people have had a 17 node expt idle for
      over three weeks, we didn't detect it because the nodes were running
      ospf and generating lots of network traffic on the exptl. net. We now
      ignore the exptl. network traffic as a source of activity if they have
      automatic ospf routing happening. We also ignore nodes that have any
      trafgen endpoints.
      2. After the changes in idlecheck, I updated idle view to correctly
      handle a new flag idlecheck outputs to let us know that an expt has
      ospf running and may be falsely inactive because we ignored net
      traffic. It will probably be very rare that an active expt that is
      running ospf will have only network activity and no tty activity, but
      it is a potential source of false positives. I also did some random
      libifying. There were some hard coded references to emulab.net that I
      fixed to properly use the variables from the defs file.
      3. I also updated request_swapexp.php3. It now inlcudes in the email
      message a blurb about automatic swapping, depending on whether or not
      they're marked swappable. (If swappable, it says "This experiment is
      marked as swappable, so it may be automatically swapped out by
      Emulab.Net or its operational staff." and if unswappable, it says
      "This experiment has not been marked swappable, so it will not be
      automatically swapped out.") It also has a reference to the Node Usage
      Policy and gives the URL. So we now give them fair warning about
      potentially getting swapped out and what our policies are.
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    • Leigh B. Stoller's avatar
      Change query; do not ping remote, virtual, or those stinky fishlike · a9a6b32d
      Leigh B. Stoller authored
      Add handler for remote nodes, which now report keepalive once a
      minute. Simply look at the timestamp and change status from up to
      down if it has not responded in more than 90 seconds. This is kinda
      crude, and mostly for the benefit of the web page. The wan solver
      will use the timestamps directly.
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      Fix dumb mistake left over from debugging. · a0682e49
      Robert Ricci authored
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      Two changes: · 5a4b0497
      Robert Ricci authored
      First, remove references to the IP columns, since those are now gone.
      Second, we now support a "magic node" that is assumed to be equivalent
      to the TBDB_WIDEAREA_LOCALNODE (ususally boss). Updates for the magic
      node are also applied to the localnode. Right now, this magic node is
      hardcoded in this script, on the assumption that no one but us will
      ever use this script. But, we could move it to a configure variable or
      even the DB if we need to.
    • Leigh B. Stoller's avatar
      Changes to sshtb. Remove sshremote, and convert sshtb into a perl · 231fc2b1
      Leigh B. Stoller authored
      script that checks the database to see if local or remote. The problem
      with this is that the ssh syntax makes it hard to determine the host
      name by inspection. Would need to parse all the ssh args (bad idea),
      ot work backwards and try to figure out the difference between the
      command (which is not a string but a sequence of args) and the host
      and the preceeding ssh args. Hell with that! Changed sshtb to require
      a specific -host argument. Read the args and look for it. Error out of
      not found, to catch improper usage.
      The moral of this update: "sshtb [ssh args] -host <host> [more args ...]
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    • Mac Newbold's avatar
      Big round of changes. It is now basically done and ready for widespread use. · 3c45d681
      Mac Newbold authored
       - Make configurable options specifiable on the command line (idle
         time, packets/hour, "freshness" time).
       - Check how fresh our data is, and mark it as stale if it is old.
       - Add display options. Default is show only inactive, swappable, non-stale.
         Use -s flag to show stale expts too, and -u flag to show unswappable
         ones. (-s and -u display whether they're active or not)
       - Changes in the database optimized the queries for me, so instead of
         taking 10-15 seconds to run, it now takes 1.
      See usage (idlecheck -h) for more info.
      We're now ready to put this in a cron job and in idle view of the expt
      listing web page.