1. 18 Aug, 2010 1 commit
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      Robustness fixes. · 7bf4bb0c
      Mike Hibler authored
      Don't die if named is running but the pid file is gone.
      Beware of more than one m2crypto .egg file installed.
      Install swig if necessary when unpacking .egg
  2. 10 Jun, 2010 1 commit
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      Avoid dynamic use (unpacking) of Python M2Crypto .egg file. · a742ea9d
      Mike Hibler authored
      The FreeBSD port just installs the zipped .egg file for M2Crypto and there
      is no option to make or install an unzipped version.  Unfortunately, the
      zipped version gets unpacked, per-user when it is first used and the
      directory it is unpacked to is not always writable.  To avoid unsightly
      "permission denied" failures, we run a post-package-install phase to
      manually unpack the .egg in the python site-library directory.  This is
      wicked ugly and I really should be flogged for doing this...
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      Patch from Keith Sklower: · be42987d
      Robert Ricci authored
      From: Keith Sklower <sklower@vangogh.CS.Berkeley.EDU>
      To: testbed-ops@flux.utah.edu
      Subject: another emulab-in-emulab bugfix for non-routeable control nets
      Date: Thu, 5 Jul 2007 15:12:09 -0700 (PDT)
      If one is at ucb or isi or cornell, the inner ops and boss can't retrieve
      the flyspray or wiki sources from www.emulab.net;
      this shows up in install/ops-install.in.
      I'm pretty sure I described this problem before but here's an
      actual patch (which I just tried, and know at least to install
      rather than abort rc.mkelab):
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  27. 07 Dec, 2006 1 commit
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      Update setup{,-ops}.txt for FreeBSD-6.1 . · 5ffb5664
      Russ Fish authored
      The packagedir is now passed to {ops,boss}-install with a -p argument instead of
      as a PKG_PATH envar.  If the old way is done, PKG_PATH is ignored and packages are
      all built from sources.  This failed in many ways (due to sync problems between the
      6.1 packages and ports tarballs?)  In any case, to prevent others falling down the
      same rabbit-hole, building from sources is now off by default, requiring a -s
      argument to be given to do it.  Libinstall now shows PhaseSkip reasons, to make
      it more clear what's going on.
      Also tweak dhcpd_makeconf to handle a null DHCPD_DYNRANGE in the defs file,
      to prevent a bogus dhcpd response from an inner emulab, half set-up for testing.
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      Wow, this should make me look important! · afa5e919
      Mike Hibler authored
      Two-day boondoggle to support "/scratch", an optional large, shared filesystem
      for users.  To do this, I needed to find all the instances where /proj is used
      and behave accordingly.  The boondoggle part was the decision to gather up all
      the hardwired instances of shared directory names ("/proj", "/users", etc.)
      so that they are set in a common place (via unexposed configure variables).
      This is a boondoggle because:
      1. I didn't change the client-side scripts.  They need a different mechanism
         (e.g., tmcd) to get the info, configure is the wrong way.
      2. Even if I had done #1 it is likely--no, certain--that something would
         fail if you tried to rename "/proj" to be "/mike".  These names are just
         too ingrained.
      3. We may not even use "/scratch" as it turns out.
      Note, I also didn't fix any of the .html documentation.  Anyway, it is done.
      To maintain my illusion in the future you should:
      1. Have perl scripts include "use libtestbed" and use the defined PROJROOT(),
         et.al. functions where possible.  If not possible, make sure they run
         through configure and use @PROJROOT_DIR@, etc.
      2. Use the configure method for python, C, php and other languages.
      3. There are perl (TBValidUserDir) and php (VALIDUSERPATH) functions which
         you should call to determine if an NS, template parameter, tarball or
         other file are in "an acceptable location."  Use these functions where
         possible.  They know about the optional "scratch" filesystem.  Note that
         the perl function is over-engineered to handles cases that don't occur
         in nature.
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      Add suport for building per project, group, experiment DBs on ops. At · adbcfd47
      Leigh B. Stoller authored
      present the per-experiment stuff is not hooked in, but will be for
      templates later. Anyway, each user gets a mysql account on ops, with
      password set to the same as their mailman password (which is also
      their jabber password, etc). Each project gets a DB named by the
      project, and each group gets a DB named by pid,gid. Users are placed
      on the access lists for the DBs as you would expect.
      There is a little bit of complexity to make sure that we can create
      DBs on ops outside the Emulab path and grant access to them, without
      Emulab getting confused or mucking things up.
      I'll get a news item done ...
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