1. 13 Nov, 2012 6 commits
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  3. 08 Nov, 2012 2 commits
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      Revamped a bunch of stuff around handling of sysprep. · 392937ff
      Kirk Webb authored
      I realized that the way things were setup was rather confusing.  These changes
      make the user a more active participant in handling the unattended setup file.
      Also squashed a debug printf and disabled the WMP network service during
      Windows configuration.  Lastly, zapped the KMS setup key from the defaults
      file and cleaned up the makefile a bit.
      Don't go into Audit mode during initial setup anymore.
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      A few more updates to the base setup command sequences · 4ecd72e2
      Kirk Webb authored
      * Muck about with the time setup.  What a mess.
      * Don't set the timezone.
      * Fix the user and group databases.
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  8. 31 Oct, 2012 4 commits
  9. 30 Oct, 2012 11 commits
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      Shuffle some commands around. · 76c6b57d
      Kirk Webb authored
      Put fix up some ordering and change variable definitions a bit to be more
      amenable to autoconf.
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      Add some WIP comments. · 635bcc77
      Kirk Webb authored
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      Doh, forgot to add the fixarpinfo script. · c1a7783a
      Mike Hibler authored
      Also, add verbose mode and log to /var/emulab/logs/fixarpinfo.log so we
      can track what changes.
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      Quick fix from Leigh for snmpit. · 9379d1d4
      Kirk Webb authored
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      Allow uppercase hex-digits in MAC addresses. · c69b02d1
      Mike Hibler authored
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      Remaining infrastructure for control network "ARP lockdown". · 4b5e17b0
      Mike Hibler authored
      It works like this. Certain nodes that are on the node control net
      (right now just subbosses, but ops coming soon) can set static ARP entries
      for the nodes they serve. This raises the bar for (but does not eliminate
      the possibility of) nodes spoofing servers. Currently this is only for
      When such a server boots, it will early on run /etc/rc.d/arplock.sh
      which will in turn run /usr/local/etc/emulab/fixarpinfo. fixarpinfo
      asks boss via an SSL tmcc call for "arpinfo" (using SSL ensures that the
      info coming back is really from boss). Tmcd on boss returns such arpinfo
      as appropriate for the node (subboss, ops, fs, etc.) along with the type
      of lockdown being done. The script uses this info to update the ARP
      cache on the machine, adding, removing, or making permanent entries
      as appropriate.
      fixarpinfo is intended to be called not just at boot, but also whenever
      we might need to update the ARP info on a server. The only other use right
      now is in subboss_dhcpd_makeconf which is called whenever DHCP info may
      need to be changed on a subboss (we hook this because a call to this script
      might also indicate a change in the set of nodes served by the subboss).
      In the future, fixarpinfo might be called from the newnode path (for ops/fs,
      when a node is added to the testbed), the deletenode path, or maybe from
      the watchdog (if we started locking down arp entries on experiment nodes)
      The type of the lockdown is controlled by a sitevar on boss,
      general/arplockdown, which can be set to 'none', 'static' or 'staticonly'.
      'none' means do nothing, 'static' means just create static arp entries
      for the given nodes but continue to dynamically arp for others, and
      'staticonly' means use only this set of static arp entries and disable
      dynamic arp on the control net interface. The last implies that the server
      will only be able to talk to the set of nodes for which it got ARP info.
      As mentioned, tmcd is responsible for returning the correct set of arp
      info for a given request. The logic currently is:
       * Only return ARP info to nodes which are on the CONTROL_NETWORK.
         If the requester is elsewhere (e.g., Utah's boss and ops are currently
         segregated on different IP subnets) then this whole infrastructure
         does not apply and nothing is returned.
       * If the requester is a subboss, return info for all other servers that
         are on the node control network as well as for the set of nodes
         which the subboss serves.
       * If the requester is an ops or fs node, again return info for all
         other servers and info for all testnodes or virtnodes whose control
         net IP is on the node control net.
       * Otherwise, return nothing.
      One final note is that the ARP info for servers such as boss/ops/fs or
      the gateway router is not readily available in most Emulab instances
      since those machines are not in the DB nodes or interfaces tables.
      Eventually we will fix that, but for now the info must come from new
      site variables. To help initially populate those variables, I added
      the utils/update_sitevars script which attempts to determine which
      servers are on the node control net and gathers the appropriate IP and
      MAC info from them.
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      Tweaks to the arpinfo code. · a9e85d64
      Mike Hibler authored
      Most sites don't have boss/ops/fs in the DB, so we use sitevariables to
      get their IP/MAC instead. Also now pass the type of "arp lockdown" we are
      doing (none, static, staticonly).
  10. 29 Oct, 2012 1 commit