1. 28 Jul, 2003 12 commits
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      Do not backup the new exports file /usr/testbed/backup unless debug · 67981a64
      Leigh B. Stoller authored
      is turned on; 60MB of exports files is not really needed these days.
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      Commit my version of assign_wrapper as assign_wrapper-new, and change · 62e38deb
      Leigh B. Stoller authored
      tbswap to use this version inside the testbed project only! All other
      projects will see the old version for now; there are just too many
      things to test, and the testsuite gets just a fraction of them. Some
      highlights (which I will expand on later when I commit this version to
      the main version):
      * New -t option to create the TOP file, and then exit. The only other
        side effect of this is to update the min/max nodes for the
        experiment in the DB, unles new option -n (impotent mode) is given.
      * New -n option to operate in impotent mode; do not allocate nodes and
        do not modify the DB. Okay, so this option is not as great as it
        sounds. I eventually hit the point of diminishing returns, with
        trying to make things work right without DB modification. At some
        point I just throw in the towel and exit. This currently happens after
        interpolating the link results of assign. But, I have found it very
        useful, and could get better with time. Being able to run assign on
        the main DB without sucking up the nodes is nice for debugging.
      * Lots of data structure organization, mostly on the virtual topology
        side of assign (you can think of assign as two sections, the part
        that interprets the DB tables and creates the TOP file, and the part
        that reads the results of assign and sets up all the physical stuff
        in the DB). I removed numerous global hashes, and combined them into
        aggregate data structures, such as they are in Perl. My approach for
        this was to read the tables from the DB, and keep them handy,
        extending them as needed with stuff that assign_wrapper generates as
        it proceeds. This has the side effect of cutting down on the number
        of queries as well.
        The next task is to do the physical side reorg, but not up for that
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      More minor fixes to vnode setup/teardown handling. I think the · 7a55da5c
      Leigh B. Stoller authored
      utlimate solution to this whole problem is to change the experiment
      state so that we can distinguish between real swapout and swapout
      caused by swapmod/retry/error. Or, we need to add more intermediate
      allocstates for the nodes. Not sure yet.
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