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    • Leigh B. Stoller's avatar
      Add, for genimode xml: · 12516745
      Leigh B. Stoller authored
      	if ($sharing_mode{$name}) {
      	    print "  <exclusive>false</exclusive>\n";
      	else {
      	    print "  <exclusive>true</exclusive>\n";
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      Changes for shared nodes. · cb912d49
      Leigh B. Stoller authored
      * New option -h to turn on shared nodes; set by the mapper wrapper
        when it sees that an experiment wants to use shared nodes.
      * When using shared nodes, look for physical nodes that are reserved,
        but have their sharing mode set. The node must also be up.
      * Shared hosts nodes get the feature pcshared:1.0 in the ptop
        file. libvtop adds the corresponding desire.
      * On the shared hosts, do not spit all the OSIDs, but just the one it
        is actually running. This allows the user to indicate what kind of
        shared node they want via the osid. libvtop adds that as a desire.
        Crude but effective.
      * Use the interface_state table to get the remaining bandwidth on the
        interfaces for shared hosts, so that assign does not oversubscribe
      * Some initial code to look at the load averages on shared nodes, to
        guide the packing. Not actually operation yet.
        At the moment packing is still controlled by the collocate factor
        from the experiment (NS file). Eventually we want to use the load
        averages above, or other feature/desire mechanisms to control
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      Changes to handle "dedicated" remote nodes in roughly the same way we · 7d388c15
      David Johnson authored
      handle local nodes -- to assign_wrapper and ptopgen, they're pretty
      much the same.  If the "dedicated_widearea" node_type_attribute is
      set for nodes of class pcRemote, we treat remote nodes like locals.
      I stuck with using a node_type_attribute for this, but it makes fast
      queries ugly.  I believe node_type_attributes are better than adding
      yet another bit to the node_types table, but others may feel
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      Oops, fix for undefined values. · 23f0b7c7
      Leigh B. Stoller authored
    • Leigh B. Stoller's avatar
      Changes necessary for moving most of the stuff in the node_types · 624a0364
      Leigh B. Stoller authored
      table, into a new table called node_type_attributes, which is intended
      to be a more extensible way of describing nodes.
      The only things left in the node_types table will be type,class and the
      various isXXX boolean flags, since we use those in numerous joins all over
      the system (ie: when discriminating amongst nodes).
      For the most part, all of that other stuff is rarely used, or used in
      contexts where the information is needed, but not for type descrimination.
      Still, it made for a lot of queries to change!
      Along the way I added a NodeType library module that represents the type
      info as a perl object. I also beefed up the existing Node module, and
      started using it in more places. I also added an Interfaces module, but I
      have not done much with that yet.
      I have not yet removed all the slots from the node_types table; I plan to
      run the new code for a few days and then remove the slots.
      Example using the new NodeType object:
      	use NodeType;
      	my $typeinfo = NodeType->Lookup($type);
              if ($typeinfo->control_interface(\$control_iface) ||
                  !$control_iface) {
        	    warn "No control interface for $type is defined in the DB!\n";
      or using the Node:
      	use Node;
              my $nodeobject = Node->Lookup($node_id);
              my $imageable  = $nodeobject->NodeTypeInfo()->imageable();
              my $rebootable = $nodeobject->isrebootable();
              $nodeobject->NodeTypeAttribute("control_interface", \$control_iface);
      Lots of way to accomplish the same thing, but the main point is that the
      Node is able to override the NodeType (if it wants to), which I think is
      necessary for flexibly describing one/two of a kind things like switches, etc.
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    • Timothy Stack's avatar
      · bd20dd17
      Timothy Stack authored
      First cut at a daemon that does regular checkups of the testbed
      	* configure, configure.in: Add tbsetup/checkup directory.
      	* db/audit.in: Add a listing of stuck checkups.
      	* install/boss-install.in: Add 'elabckup' user.
      	* rc.d/3.testbed.sh.in: Startup the checkup_daemon.
      	* sql/database-create.sql, sql/database-migrate.txt: Add the
      	checkups tables.
      	* tbsetup/GNUmakefile.in: Descend into the checkup directory.
      	* tbsetup/checkup: The checkup daemon, man page, and
      	  associated scripts.
      	* tbsetup/ptopgen.in: Add a feature with a value of 0.9 to
      	  prereserved nodes to keep them from being allocated unless
      	  they're really wanted.
      	* utils/firstuser.in: Add some other options so the script can be
      	  used to create other pseudo users.