1. 28 Aug, 2012 7 commits
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      Clientside changes to handle creating a snapshot of the an OpenVZ · 713e0919
      Leigh B Stoller authored
      * Change reboot_prepare to take a -noreboot argument since in general
        we want to control the reboot externally. Just want to run prepare. 
      * New openvz variant of create-image that installed on openvz hosts,
        which is called from the server side to reboot/prepare the contaner,
        take the snapshot using tar/imagezip/frisupload, and then restart
        the container.
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      Add support for experimental networks on the control network. · df048b11
      Leigh B Stoller authored
      So what if your testbed has a control network but no experimental
      network? In the past you were SOL, but with this commit you can now
      create links and lans on the control network that look just like
      an experimental network link/lan.
      To make this work, ptopgen sports a new option (-C) that will put the
      control network links and wires and switches into the ptop file.
      libvtop generally operates as normal, but need to arrange for the
      physical ports to be put into dual tag/trunk mode, where the native
      vlan is the Control network. This is done with by setting attributes
      on the lan table entry that indicate dual and what to use for the
      native vlan. snmpit looks for these attributes.
      There are a couple of places that use the stack name (Control or
      Experiment) to determine if a vlan is control or experimental. This is
      not longer truu, and so need to use an attribute in the lan table
      The last bit of the puzzle is that snmpit has to be careful when
      disabling trunking on these ports. When this happens, all vlans are
      cleard from the ports (by the device layer), including the Control
      network itself, which would make the node unreachable. I had to add
      some special cases to watch for that, and return the ports to the
      control network.
      To turn this on, create a ControlNetVlans and enable it. The mapper
      looks for this and passes the -C argument to ptopgen.
      Nothing special in the NS file, except you have to turn on vlan
      encapsulation; tb-set-vlan-emulation vlan
      No delay nodes, but linkdelays work okay. Works for openvz containers
      as well.
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      Whenever an experiment is using Vinterfaces, reserve the vlan tags · 545e72de
      Leigh B Stoller authored
      with snmpit -A before booting nodes.
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      Use the registry to set speed/duplex under Win7. Back out linktest change. · 4b0232e1
      Kirk Webb authored
      Though the broadcom tool was easy enough to setup and use under Windows,
      getting the Intel counterpart to work was an epic fail.  Instead, go after
      the registry directly.  There is some semblance of standardization there,
      even though no command line tool exists for tweaking these setttings.
      Back out the code that set speed/duplex using the broadcom tool since it
      is no longer needed.  This will be much better for remote sites and porting
      to other hardware in general.  Hopefully other vendors follow suit and use
      the same registry settings that Intel and Broadcom do.  Also modified the
      interface setup code to delay enabling the interface until after the speed
      and duplex settings are poked into the registry so that the driver will pick
      them up immediately, w/o requiring a reboot.
      Since setting the speed/duplex correctly solves prior issues I saw with
      linktest bandwidth tests, back those hacks out.
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